Friday, May 27, 2016

Lunch @ Puteri Nabalu
Also known as Nabalu Kundasang, they changed their name to Puteri Nabalu after they moved the lodge part of the business slightly further up the road. That's what the locals told me, please correct me if I'm wrong. You can spot the place easily as it's one of the bigger buildings you'd see when you enter into Kundasang.

The place is huge, you can easily hold a function with a lot of people in this place and with a beautiful view to boot. No wonder people around here are happy, but then, beers are cheap here so that could be the reason too.

It was one of those stopovers on our way from Ranau back to Kota Kinabalu and since we came by this place on our way to Ranau, decide to grab some food here on our way back.

We ordered some set lunches so as all colonial style restaurants, we get some buns with butter and mushroom soup. Can tell that it's made in-house as it's not the usual canned soup and the smell of the shrooms was a bit strong for me so I only took this photo as decoration.

The main dishes was served, for me, I had the Grilled Salmon with mash and seasonal greens. Trying to eat clean for the meal, the fish was beautifully grilled but spending a lot of time picking out bones from the fish before devouring it isn't the greatest experience as the dish got cold pretty fast. The mash could make do with a bit less butter but they mashed it up pretty well, was hoping to have some bite in the mash with chunks of potatoes around but didn't taste any.

My friend had the Grilled lamb, smell wise, the stench that comes with lamb (I can't stand the smell of lamb and local beef but I would still eat the lamb, beef wise, I normally go for those imported stuff) isn't that strong and the meat was grilled just nice at medium well as requested. The black pepper sauce has just the right amount of heat too so it complimented the meat nicely. 

All that's said and done, it was down to dessert. For me, it was the durian cake, can't help it, it was just sitting there, the last of the group, all alone in the chiller. Sadly calling out to me to take it home. So that's what I did, and to make sure that it made the journey back to Kota Kinabalu, I stored it safely in the best carrying case I know. My stomach! Taste wise, I've eaten better. I guess durian isn't in season yet cause it doesn't have the fragrance of durian despite the durian cream on top.

Would I visit the place again if I'm in the Kundasang area? If I'm looking for a nice western food restaurant while I am in the area, yes, but I was told by the locals that there's so many other food in the area that I've yet to try! Also, at some of the homes I visited while I'm in the area, the lady of the house even goes to the trouble of cooking something for me to eat. Village style food while seating down with the villagers on the floor catching up on life is still much better than going to a restaurant. Don't you think so?

Puteri Nabalu

89300, Jalan Kundasang Kauluan,
89308 Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia

Tel: +6088-889 789
Hours: 7am – 10pm







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