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Breakfast @ Lum Chong Kee Bamboo Wantan Noodles (林忠记竹升面)
It's at this restaurant!

I enjoy a good plate of wantan mee or wantan noodles and over the years, have eaten quite a few of them. Some of my favorite stalls for wantan noodles over the years have since closed down (retired after being in business for so many years) or has dropped in quality and it has been a hit and misses here and there.

One place I found to have started to gain momentum with a consistent good plate of wantan mee is this stall at the Kepong Crab House restaurant. The stall's name is Lum Choong Kee Bamboo Wantan Noodles (林忠记竹升面), and I say consistent because I've been here a couple of times since I discovered the place and the texture of the noodles and their barbeque pork (char siew) has been consistent in quality.

You place your order with a lady seated next to the stall and after you collect your number, you just need to wait a couple of minutes before your dish is served. From what I've seen in those visits, even though their operation hour is until 1pm, the rate at which people drop by and order grew by 8ish and by 9, the guys behind the stall is in full blown production mode as they churns out plates after plates of noodles and side dishes without stopping.

At my last visit, by 10ish, the row of char siew hanging in the stall would have dwindled down to just a few bits here and there. So if you want to grab a plate, the best time would be between 8 and 9 am.

Managed to request for additional Pork Lards!! Bonus!

The main dish, Wantan Noodles (竹升面). The texture of the noodles is good, properly cooked through but maintaining the right amount elasticity. The dark sauce is not too thick and the overall plate isn't too oily even when there's a hearty amount of deep fried pork lards and barbeque pork in the plate. I guess the best proof of quality is when I dropped by and I was wearing white and got worried that my shirt will be littered with bullet wounds at the end of the meal but I survived! No splatter of dark sauce on my shirt!

Next was one of the side dish, a bowl of Wantan, I must say that compared to a lot of other places, the wantan from LCK is huge! Texture of the meat within the wantan pouch is just nice with the right amount of lean meat and fats.

They also have Pork Meat Balls, made by the LCK team (I was told), the meat texture is pretty solid and sweet. And all these 3 dishes are what I always order each time I'm there, yes, these look a lot for a single person to eat but then, each time I eat here, I also had a long day of on-location work and I would say that these are pretty filling and kept me going through the day.

As it's a Coffee Shop, we can never say no to a nice cold glass of local coffee. No matter how much I visit cafes for boutique coffees, nothing kick starts the day than a nice cup of locally roasted coffee. It gives me the right kind of boost that I can never get with all the coffee from around the world. Also, there's half boil eggs as well but be warned, don't rely on the measurement pot as the restaurant overfill the amount of boiling water into it. So I usually set my own timer and remove the eggs after 3 minutes once it reaches my table.

There are quite a number of other stalls in the restaurant but from what I observed, customers have consistently visit LCK first before heading to other stalls if they are told that they need to wait. Again, like i mentioned above, if you want to get a good plate of noodle without waiting too long, try to get to the restaurant before 9am.

Lum Choong Kee Bamboo Wantan Noodles

c/o Restaurant Kepong Crab House
42, Jalan SS 23/11, Taman Sea,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours: (Wednesday - Monday) 7:45 am – 1:00 pm
(Off on Tuesday)

Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw2838r8k8







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  1. Yes. Don't know they have moved or totally closed down. Could not find the stall anymore.


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