Monday, June 6, 2016

Go-Kart Outing wth Friends
Boys Day Out - Team Bravos!
It's been awhile and it was definitely a fun day out with the boys as we spend the day enjoying activities that guys do, paintball battles and Go-karts. Here's the night race we did at the Go-Kart circuit with the in-house fun-karts.

Here's the result from the above race, instead of a race where you jostle with one another to cross the finish line first, the results are tabulated in a time-attack format, so irregardless of where you place, it's a matter of how fast and consistent can you clock the time. So it's more of a battle against yourself.

Best lap was 63.132 with an average time of 69.995. They actually penalize you if you have part of the kart off the circuit. So you can't really take the most direct line across the chicanes.

Definitely a fun day out and no regrets about taking a break from work and just enjoy myself with some truly great friends.

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