Wednesday, October 12, 2016

MURFEST 2016 Press Launch

Attended the Press Launch of the MURFEST 2016 at MATIC in Jalan Ampang yesterday to support my friends that'll be conducting workshops during the event on the 4th to the 6th of November at MATIC itself. This is the 3rd annual event that was held with an amazing line-up of world class instructors, market place and performers. 30+ instructors, 80 workshops and 100 exhibitions over 3 days. That's pretty impressive and as a dance event organizer, I can tell you that it is not easy as well to coordinate all these things together for the Malaysian Urban Retreat Festival.

From what I gather at the launch, the festivals ticket options are:

  • 1 Day Escape Pass - RM160
  • 2 Day Explore Pass (Saturday & Sunday) - RM275
  • Full Experience (3 Days) - RM35

For the yogis out there, there will also be a Yoga certification course by senior instructors from USA and Australia but the price is separate. Will update this when I gather more info on it.

There'll also be a GLO KL Dance Fitness Party with Master Trainers from Cuba and local favorites. Yup, it's going to be a fitness dance party with plenty of Zumba and Salsation throughout the night. Grab the pass now as it's RM50 and I think the price will go up when you buy at the door.

Some of the other highlights include Wellness Workshops with Yoga activities including the crowd favorite FlyYoga and an interesting one for the mothers out there as Ninie Ahmad is going to teach some movements for those who still want to practice yoga while pregnant and after delivery. Yup, I'm as surprised as the person next to me when she told me that.

Those who is interested to learn how to dance, There'll be a workshop on Cuban Rumba as well as Zumba and the upcoming favorite, Salsation, all these conducted by some friends of mine so if I'm not in Bangkok for the Salsa festival, you will find me mostly at this workshops. Mishie Hoop is also back with some hoopography which is pretty interesting, she tried to teach some of us after the Press Launch and I have to say, it looks easy but it isn't, especially, well, for me at least. Pimbal and Lilica will also be teaching Capoeira for those of you who's into dance/martial art combinations.

There's also some workshops for healthy eating and movement meditation from quite a few well known speakers along with Jojo Struys. For those into music, there'll be workshops by musicians from USA, Iran as well as Malaysia. One to look out for is the Gong Therapy session by Reiki master, Anne Fong Braillard.

There's quite a long list to go on and there's also the market place. Presenters and various organizations will have their booth step up throughout the 3 days presenting some interesting products for sale. This area's open to public throughout the festival so unlike the workshops and GLO KL, this is FREE!

Can't recall much aside from these from the Press Launch as I spending more time catching up with friends that I've not met up with in months during the launch. You can check out for more info.  Especially since I know I left out a lot of information.

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