Photos : World Bachata Festival 2016

The World Bachata Festival 2016 has come and gone, an intense 4 nights of performances and social dance and 2 days of intense workshops by international instructors. Below are the albums to all the photos for all the parties and the workshops.

Made a lot of new friends, renew friendship with the old ones and danced til my shoes need to be replaced. I guess for a dancer, that's a good enough proof that we danced hard through the night when the shoes finally need to be replaced.

The workshops was also fantastic, with each workshops filling to the brim as participants made full use of their time at the festival to absorb as much as they can from all the instructors. Even helping out at some of the workshops helped me grow as a dancer, whether I can remember the moves I executed at the festival is another matter. Anyway, I'm sure you'd prefer to see photos more than reading me talk about my time at the festival. Here's the photos from the Pre-Party all the way to the Mexicana night.

Pre-Party Night

Workshops (Both Day 1 and 2 are in 1 album)

Dressy Casual Night

Black & Red Night

Mexicana Night

That's all for the photos, the next post is the videos of the performances and a little montage from the whole event. If you'd like me to cover your dance festival, drop me a message.

Michael Yip

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