MICHAEL YIP is an experienced media professional having been in the broadcasting industry for a good 15+ years before moving into the world of digital marketing and event management. 

Organised as well as being part of international dance festivals across the region, I believed that I've grown professionally in that arena. 

Personally, I am also a photographer, having work featured in international magazines and can boast a number of international artists as clients. List of clients I've worked with is listed here.

2020 and 2021 has been a tough period for me professionally with most projects grinding to a halt, but I believe that this tough period will also make me a strong person mentally and emotionally.

July 2021 is a historical period as a group of young professionals decided that enough is enough and decide to step up and create a new political party that we hope can change the Malaysian political landscape. Parti Aspirasi Sains Malaysia was created in mid-June and Selangor was the first to officially form a branch. Can put another check into my resume by saying that I was voted to be the 1st division chairman with 8 other passionate individuals to lead Selangor. To learn more about this chapter of my life, do check out partisains.org 

For those that knew me from community work. I am still heavily involved in it. Only change is that I'll be doing it more together with my Parti Sains colleagues instead of as an individual. If you need our help, you can use the contact form to reach out to me.

Media Coverage/Interviews:
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