2018 kick start a brand new look for mikeyip.com as the focus will be more on featuring the businesses I an involved in. The blog side of things is still active but with a focus that involves the work and activities I'm involved in rather than advertorial based.

Hi, my name is Michael, that's if you have stumbled onto this site and have no idea what it's about. I am a professional photographer and video producer. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, this is basically what I started my working life doing straight out of college. My other skill sets in Branding and PR as well as Digital Marketing came along in the past 10 years as I was tasked by my previous employers to also handle those aspects of business while promoting the shows I was producing.

For the regular visitors to mikeyip.com, there has been some changes, with some of the content disappearing into the wilderness of the internet through issues that my previous server encountered with the Matrix. This also allowed me to start afresh, with new contents and a more focused content to populate the site. The direction in 2018 for the blog part of the site? More educational content that focuses on business and the business life. While I grow as a business owner, I want to help others to grow as well. What better way to learn than to read about mistakes done by others that you can then learn to avoid.

Social Responsibilities, for those that knows my involvement in this aspect of life, I am still heavily involved in it. I will try to share more on that aspect as well, for companies looking for people to help them with their CSR activities, do drop me a message and allow me to assist you while contributing to the well-being of those in need of assistance.

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