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Muay Thai @ Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Besides Rajadamnern Stadium, another stadium that is synonymous with Muay Thai in Bangkok is the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, located at Ram Intra Road since February 2014, the stadium moved to the present venue from their original location at Rama IV Road as they needed a bigger venue to accommodate the growing interest in the sports. With a capacity for 9,500, the new Lumpinee Boxing stadium is quite a testament to the Royal Thai Army’s aim to modernise the sports even more. I think the stadium is still very new so for tourists so it’s advisable to get a tour package (you can also ask your hotel to arrange if you did not go under a tour) so that transport will be arranged as the only constant public transport available at the moment is the taxi service and the planned train station is not opened yet when I visit the venue.

There's also bus services bu if you're visiting and not a local, it's not the right mode of transport to take. I tried to figure out the route from my accommodation to the stadium and I gave up after awhile cause it was quite confusing for a visitor to the city. Fights at Lumpinee Stadium is only Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so if you plan to visit the place to catch some of the fights, you can plan your trips around those days.

Just like Rajadamnern Stadium, Lumpinee Stadium have their own ranking system as well with championship titles from mini flyweight (105 lb) up to the super welterweight (154 lb). I’m quite proud to say that during my stay in Bangkok, I got to train and spar with Sam-A Kaiyanghadaogym , one of Lumpinee title holder.

At present, only 3 farangs have been awarded the most prestigious belts in Muay Thai, which is Lumpinee Champions. The 1st of which is French-Algerian fighter, Morad Sari, French fighter Damien Alamos and Ramon Dekkers. Unlike the Rajadamnern stadium though, walking into the Lumpinee stadium felt just like walking into any other normal sports stadium. The atmosphere, even though noisy and packed like the other stadium is more modern and facilities are very much updated.

Bangkok Muay Thai Tour 2014

The various rooms (management office, medical, weight-in room and changing rooms) are properly segregated and spread across the rear of the stadium near to the VIP/Office wing with plenty of modern facilities for the fighters to utilize. For fans attending the match, there’s a huge shop you can visit to buy boxing gears while the ring side seats are nicely spread out.

Check out the entrance below the VIP seating area as you can catch a glimpse of the next fighter coming out to fight. Unlike Rajadamnern where the fighters stands on a platform before their fight, the fighters in Lumpinee gets a nice sitting area where they can relax and get into the zone before entering the ring. But while I was there though, they spend most of their time standing as their friends and fans would want to get a photo with them before their fights.

Bangkok Muay Thai Tour 2014

Every day, the list of fights schedules and results will be displayed on their website, so you can head there, find out when your favorite fighters are fighting and make arrangements to get there. It is even easier if you know the fighter(s) themselves and can ask them to make arrangements for you to head into the stadium. As the fights are also broadcasted, the crowd do tend to be more muted in their volumes and as the whole place is brightly lit, you don't have to worry about experiencing the whole atmosphere from the gamblers reactions to the fights that is happening in the ring.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

No. 6, Ramintra Rd, Anusawaree
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Phone : +66 2 252 8765
Ticket Price: Please refer to this website.
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw4rwckmnw

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Malaysia Book of Records 20th Anniversary Dinner

The Good Old Days... (sorry photo's pretty small cause screen grab from an old site)

One of the interesting thing about being a Photographer is, sometimes, we just couldn't believe the type of events we are engaged to shoot. In this instant, it was the Malaysia Book of Records 20th Anniversary Dinner and Coffee Book Launch at Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa. Meeting all these Record Breakers that sets themselves apart from other Malaysians through their sheer determination to do their best. Some of them are even younger than my own children! And most of them are more than eager to share with you their stories even though at one point each time, I have to stop them and inform them that I'm there as a photographer first and not one of the attendees so I had to keep my conversations down to 2 questions and move on. For photos of the event, head over to MBR's website to view them. I'll eventually post them on my own facebook page and tag the link in but that'll be later on.


Working at the MBR's dinner function made me recall back to a little special day back in 2007, September 7, 2007 to be exact. Malaysia's little Salsa Community (Yes, I have been dancing even back then), at it's infancy is also at its most awesome period of time. On the 8th of September, we got ourselves in the Malaysia Book of Records too! So yeah, to be there to work at the event (I have to make a living too!) and to know that somewhere in the 2008 edition, my name is listed under “Human Achievement” category as the “Longest Non-Stop Salsa Dance” - 14 Hours. To be among Malaysia's record breakers is quite an awesome feeling.


Back then, there wasn't much of a plan aside from our pure enthusiasm to make sure that by hook or by crook, we pull it off and dance for 14 hours straight. After all, I think most of us thought to ourselves, how hard can it be dancing for 14 hours since we dance all night at the social dance floors anyway but definitely, after that experience, I can say, it's pretty tough. Especially the rules stipulate that we cannot stop dancing and if there is a strict rule of a maximum of 1 minute gap between music if deejays need to swap or something bad happened at the deejay console. Dancers of various levels, be it beginners or experts was there.

You can feel the buzz inside the Impiana KLCC ballroom as we received our final briefing from the MBR team about the terms and rules for the record to be set and then we're off! They even set up video cameras around the dance floor to make sure that we didn't cheat as it was an overnight thing. Yup, we started at 8.30pm on a Friday, straight after work for most of us and dance like our lives depends on it until 10.30am on Saturday. By then, most of us couldn't feel our legs anymore. I remembered back then, I requested to be left there to rest for an hour just so that my legs would regain some strength before driving home. I think most of us eventually just crashed there until lunch time or something like that before we went home. After all, we needed the rest so that we can go dancing again that night!


Sometimes, remembering all these sweet memories is awesome. And to actually recount back what happened although vaguely is still pretty neat. I'm not sure how many of the veteran dancers in Malaysia remembers it as the current crop of social dancers are post 2010. Maybe another attempt is in order? I've always wanted to give it another go again, and break the 14 hours record. After all, if we can dance all night and attend workshops during the day for 3/4 days straight at Festivals, dancing for 14 - 15 hours straight over a weekend is not a real problem. Right? Who's game for it?

Muay Thai @ Rajadamnern Stadium

Muay Thai fans visiting Bangkok should check out one or both the major Muay Thai stadiums on fight nights, both the historic Rajadamnern stadium and the newer Lumpinee stadium host some of the best fighters in the city with some even traveling from overseas to fight in the stadium.

The 1st one is the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, 1st open to public back in December 1945 and located at Pom Prap Sattru Phai district, the stadium is one of the two major stadiums for modern Muay Thai. With it’s own ranking system and championship title up to Middleweight, the stadium draws a steady flow of fans every Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. It was such an honor for me to be able to go behind the scene on one such nights while I was in Bangkok that the experience will forever etch in my memory.

Bangkok Muay Thai Tour 2014

When I got to Rajadamnern, I was greeted by Sara, the chief Marketing Officer of the stadium (click on her name to read the interview I had with her),  was given a quick brief on what's happening for the night and got myself an officer's pass and off I go. Avoiding the huge crowd at the main entrance, I entered the stadium via the fighter’s entrance, I felt like a gladiator walking into the centre of the ring for a fight with fans around the stadium cheering loudly for blood.

The venue itself gave off a very gritty and raw atmosphere which definitely add on to the adrenaline of the fighters. I still get the chills just thinking back at the few hours I spend in the stadium. From the atmosphere is very tense within the changing room where the coaches is constantly repeating over the fight strategies to the waiting area where spectators can walk up to size up the fighters 1 fight from their turn. Yes, these fighters stands on 2 platform under a spotlight so that betting spectators can check them out to see who gives off a more competitive vibe.
Bangkok Muay Thai Tour 2014

The fighters I talked to after their fights confirms my theory, as when they prepare for their fights, the noise that seeps into the changing area kept building up and it gets louder as they step towards the weight-in/gear counter to collect their shorts and gloves. Even as they step into the ring, they have to force themselves to look angry and forceful despite their nervousness for the 1 who cracks first will normally lose even before the fight begins. Even when they perform the Wai Khru to pay homage to their deities and elders, they spend the time to also size up and intimidate their opponent. Such is the art form of Wai Khru that what we see as a beautiful dance between 2 dancers mask the underlining taunting that the two of them throw at each other.

Only way to walk out of the ring at the end of the fight is either to knock the opponent out or to last the 5 rounds and win or lose by hit counts. What interest me throughout the fights is the gambling that takes place at the 2nd level of the stadium where betting are placed using hand signals, just like the way it is in the Stock exchange. Because occasional fights do break out among the gamblers, foreigners are advised to occupy the more expensive ringside seats. Even though the stadium’s security is managed by the Military Police officers, there will be times when the fights get so out of hand that it’s hard for the MPs to do anything if a tourist is caught in the middle of it. If you like such ‘Blood Sport’ kind of environment, this is the place to go for your Muay Thai entertainment.

Bangkok Muay Thai Tour 2014

Rajadamnern Stadium

1, Ratchadamnoen Nok Rd.,
Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok,
10200, Thailand
Phone : +66 2 281 4205
Ticket Price: Please refer to this website.
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw4rqr1h5n


Lunch @ The Anna Restaurant & Art Gallery, Bangkok

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the story of The King and I, the memoir turn movie about Anna Leonowens, governess to the children of King Mongkut of Siam in the early 1860s. Did you know that there's a beautiful restaurant in Bangkok that is dedicated to Anna? Known as  The Anna Restaurant & Art Gallery, it was also known as Anna & Son Cuisine. Located somewhere in Silom (Waze location at below) with ample parking space and a beautiful interior that would just mesmerize you. I know I did as I was looking at everything and reading every single notes that was plastered next to each area.

It is both a place that pay homage to the lady as well as a place that serves some pretty awesome Thai dishes. Took a peek at the menu and there's a good varieties of both western as well as local dishes. Of course, before the restaurant manager guide my host and I to our table, I went around to look at the place. I have to say that I'm kicking myself now for not taking more photos while I'm there but then, my attention was more to the various items and photos they have there.


The dishes that we were served include the likes of Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes which even though is deep fried, still have a wonderful texture when bitten, Shrimps tend to cook pretty fast and turn rubbery if not controlled well but Anna & Son’s Shrimp Cakes was still succulent even though the outside is crispy. 
The 2nd dish was the Stir Fried Snapper Fillet with Tamarind Sauce. The fillet was cut into bite size cubes and served on a beautiful platter, it was slightly dry to my liking but the guests around me said it was pretty fine. I guess I was just being picky due to the environment I’m in.



The 3rd dish was the Grilled Pork with spicy sauce, tasty and I practically finished it all. Wasn't too spicy and the pork was superbly tender!



The 5th dish was the Stir Fried Broccoli with Shrimp, simple dish, like a taste of home all the way in Bangkok. Can’t say much except that I finished the shrimps on the dish and left the greens for the other guests. No one was complaining (but even if they do, I wouldn’t be able to understand because they were talking in Thai and I can’t understand a single thing they say).



Lastly, Tom Yam Gung. Huge shrimps and it wasn’t that spicy so I love it! Yes, I can’t eat spicy food and was worried that the Tom Yam was too spicy but it wasn’t, nice balance of sour and spicy notes in the soup.



Oh yes, don’t forget the dessert, one of their trademark dessert is the Chocolate Cube Cake that is nice and fluffy. If not because we have another round of training after lunch, I would have gone for another round of the cake.



Tempted with the wide range of wine but I stuck with a cup of Black Americano to compliment the cake.


Definitely a place I would love to visit again when I visit Bangkok again. Especially if I’m going on a date and wanted some place nice.


The kicker at the end of lunch, was the owner of the restaurant inviting us to the kitchen after I was introduced to him. Super meticulous and systematic team. Working confidently and quietly together like a group of well oiled gears. I was standing there for some time as an order came in, the assistant just have a quick look at the order, picked up the various ingredients and slide it off to the chef and they just started working together. Next thing I know, I picked up my jaw and watch the dish goes out to pass and a quick chim of the table bell to inform the waiter(s) the dish is ready to be served. Awesome stuff.

The Anna Restaurant & Art Gallery

27 Soi Piphat, North Sathorn Road,
Silom, Bangrak Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Tel: +66-0-2237-2788 to 9
Hours: 11am – 10pm
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw4rqpdqjg









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Beauty In The World Of Muay Thai

Just reviving an old post that I thought would be nice to have, during my visit to Rajadamnern Stadium, aside from watching fights beside the ring, I got to know quite a number of people who works behind the scene to make each fight night at the stadium a success. One in particular is a petite young lady working in one of the top position in the stadium. It's not unheard of but in a sports that is predominantly dominated by men in both the ring and in office, to see a young lady there breaking the glass ceiling is totally refreshing.

After my trip, I kept in touch with her and got to talking about her life in the industry and why she picked this career path when there's so many others out there to choose from. Here's what she has to say.

1. Can you introduce yourself (your name and what you do at Rajadamnern)?
  • My name is Sara, short for Sasirada, my Thai name which is hardly for foreigners to pronounce. I am the Chief Marketing Officer or CMO at Rajadamnern Stadium taking care of Marketing and PR stuffs.

2. How did you come about working at Rajadamnern Stadium?
  • I was recommended by one of my senior who knows the stadium owner. He was looking for a person who can bring the stadium forward to the new generation with new marketing strategies and tools. I had an interview with him and he asked me on that day "How soon can you start working with us?" :) Long story short, I've been with Rajadamnern since December 2013

3. How does it feel to work in such a male dominated work environment? Especially for a girl as young as you.
  • I shall say it's really challenge but fun. I started with no idea on how to communicate with those male boxers or even officers at the stadium and as you know, most of them are men. But I also start learning, to listen, and put myself in their position, accept the differences and apply  feminine roles to make strong situation softer. Respect them and getting them to respect back was really a challenge though. I need to work harder to make things happen and gain more reliability and confidence to make the board members support me and accept the new ideas to make the stadium and Muay Thai grow.

4. What is the most interesting event that you’ve witness at the stadium?
  • There was a fight in August 2014 which was the biggest fight I have ever seen here. The stadium was filled with about 5,000 audiences. The ambiance of fans and gamblers was very exciting and it was pretty cool when you have witness each victory and lost and the reflection of the results on the spectators expression. The action of the hand signs when gamblers place their bets and Cheering their boxers to win was absolutely amazing. Actually, every time I come to the stadium, I am always excited to observe the gambler and honestly, I think I'm beginning to understand the hand signs that they used to communicate.

5. Do you still get excited for the fights or you prefer not to watch and work in the office?
  • I'm always happy to catch the fights whenever I'm at the stadium.  There's always new developments, new discoveries, new faces, the unpredictable situation on the boxing stage every time I watch the fights, this is why Muay Thai is charming.
6. Beside yourself, is there any other girls working at the stadium? What are the usual roles taken up by you all?
  • We have many girls working as a accountant, secretary, admins and etc. They run the a daily work which is more related to the documentation and office related stuffs.

7. What’s your most memorable experience working in the stadium.
  • Every single experience is a memorable here, sometimes shit happens but we need to solve it. Sometime it's really stressful because it might effect the stadium reputation but we can surpass it and make things work so the bad can be turned into something good.

8. If you are given an opportunity, what will you do to improve the atmosphere and fights at the stadium?
  • I wish i could have a theater seat with 4D motion for audiences, hahahah...

9. Any advice you would like to give to tourists visiting Rajadamnern Stadium? The Dos and Donts and what they should prepare.
  • The Dos is buy ringside ticket because it is the best way to experience Muay Thai closely.
  • The dont is don't be shy to walk to the backstage (For Ringside ticket holders) to take photos with these Muay Thai Fighters because you will never know when they might become the most powerful and well known boxer in the near future.

  • The thing you must not forget is the camera, but smart phone is readily available and everyone is using it, so I shall say smart phones is good enough. Share your experience among your friends through Facebook or Instagram and follow us at FB: rajadamnern and IG: rajadamnern_stadium

Aside from the fights at the stadium, they also have the Muay Thai academy which allows fans and enthusiasts an opportunity to train in the art of Muay Thai with local fighters  at  Rajadamnern Singha Muay Thai Academy. Check them out if you're in Bangkok and is looking for a gym to train during your stay in the city.

Winning the Salsa Social Jack & Jill Competition on Friday (22 April '16)

Don't know of another way to put the title, but yeah, happened on Friday when I checked out Hugos by Modestos in Damansara Perdana for my salsa fix (had a bit of time so finally, to satisfy my own happy feet). The organizer of the Friday social had a Salsa Jack & Jill contest and someone placed my name into it even though I was very adamant that I don't want to do it as I've not been dancing for months.

But due to peer pressure from friends, I went ahead and did it. Apologized in advance to the unlucky partner that got me (those that overheard my apology laughed out loud) because I've no idea what to do. Anyway, went ahead and did it as you can see in the above video. Managed to pull it through and had enough 'chemistry' with my partner to win it. Now, the horror is, I've to do it all over again this coming Friday (29th April '16) as I'll have to compete against the past winners to get the main prize. Well, hopefully whoever that got picked to be my partner then have little expectation so we can just wing it through and hope for the best.

If you are wondering, what is this Jack & Jill thing? Here's a quick summary, Jack and Jill is a format of competition in partner dancing, where the competing couples are the result of a random draw/match of leader and follower. Rules of matching vary but the general idea is the same. This is to encourage a variety of dancers to enter competition(s) with separate division(s) allocation for the various levels of skills from Newbies to Amateurs to Pros. The idea is to test the dancer's social dance skill as compared to fixed partner competition which is more focused on performance dance skills.

Hope you enjoyed the video above. If there's friends tagging along with me to this upcoming friday's social, I might be able to get another video out of it. Hopefully with better quality moves that'll bring out the partner's style.

8 Promiscuous Reasons to Date a Dancer

Was talking to lady friends about dancing and why I dance. Somehow things went side ways pretty fast from a very innocent conversation about dance. No matter how I try to keep topics clean, with this few friends of mine, conversations seldom end up clean after 5 minutes. Same goes with this conversation about dance. I could simply sum it up as 'je ne sais quoi' but then, that's too easy a way to cop out. So here's my 8 'promiscuous' reasons to date a dancer. For the more decent one, click here.

  1. Size doesn't matter.
    Size really doesn't matter, when the chemistry is right, everything will fit together nicely. The  most important part of it all is how the lead initiate the move and the partner allow herself to follow. With the right Music in the air, the proper signal given and the two become one, you'll see magic happening. It's chemistry.
  2. We can have multiple partners without feeling guilty.
    Say what you want, only way for us to improve is to not be with one constant.  Want to grow your repertoire of moves? Go with multiple partners, be bold, step up your game and invite more partners to move with you. Only then will you be able to grow, only then will you be able to experiment and figure out what makes your partners tick and  what wouldn't work. After all, practice makes perfect.
  3. We can be both gentle and aggressive and you'll love it.
    Every now and then, we start off a move gently, and at certain breaks, we put in some aggressive moves. Not to say that it's violent, but just enough to raise your heart beat before slowing things down a bit. Yes, we can be quiet a tease. At the end, it's all about giving your all to the partner. Mix things up and you'd be surprise at the result. Best part of it all, different partners react differently, so experiment, learn and expand your horizon.
  4. You won't feel guilty touching yourself in front of spectators.
    There are moments when you'd have your moment to shine. That doesn't mean you'd just stand there and do nothing, let loose, your hands are free, move it. What better time than this to touch yourself, feel sexy and don't worry about people looking at you move. They are enjoying it as much as you do.
  5. Feeling Adventurous? Try more partners at the same time!
    It's something not many of us are still good at. Even I'm still learning to do it properly, but there are times when we want to be adventurous and have more partners at the same time. Start off with the basics if you want to have a go with 2 followers at the same time. If you know some of the key words, you can be even more adventurous and do it with a group of friends! Yup, synchronized through 1 person giving out commands. Easy if you can keep up and it's fun too! To the people watching, it's a fantastic sight!

  6. We can keep going All Night Long!
    Most of us might not have the body of a body builder, heck, we don't even have the stamina of a marathon runner! But when the mood is right, the music is in the air. You'd be surprised that we can keep going all night long...
  7. We know all the right moves...
    At the end of the day, we are not geniuses, we didn't spend a lifetime honing our skills. Heck, I only started learning the moves in my late 20s! But that doesn't mean we can't learn, and through practice, we learn all the right moves to make. After all, we never stop learning, and we learn to understand what makes the partner happy, what makes the partner breathless, what makes the partner wanting more...
  8. We make sure you go home happy and wanting more.
    At the end of the night, you go home weak at the knees, with a silly grin on your face and hair all ruffled up thanks to a long night of gyrating to the Latin beats. You go home wanting more and can't wait for the next time.

So there you have it, the 8 PG18 reasons to date a dancer. What do you think? Comment below and let me know.

Dinner @ The Royal Flush x Ara Damansara

Truthfully, this is one of those restaurant that is way over the top for my preference of a place to go for dinner. But whenever there’s special occasions, when there’s a slight need for grandeur, for the area near my home, this is it. The name itself felt grand, The Royal Flush. For Poker players, this is the highest hand you can be dealt with in the game. The 5 cards to win them all. I’ve only gotten a Royal Flush twice and I felt that it was even rarer than 4-of-a-Kind hand as I’ve gotten that a couple of times more often than a Royal Flush. Anyway, i digress.

Couple of weeks back, there came one of those occasion where a feast was in order, it wasn’t a wedding dinner, just a small gathering of friends from around Asia to sit down, relax and have a good chat. There’s no scrambling of food planned too. Every one will get their own serving in their own little dainty dish for each course that was served. I might not be able to tell you what exactly is served in the 8 courses but I will try, if all else fails, just look at the pretty pictures.

The 1st course that was served is the Snow Flower Top Shell, 3 beautiful cuts of squid over a slice of watermelons. One of those few occasions where I actually finished the squid even though I’m not a big fan of them.

Verdict : 

The 2nd dish was the Orange Flower Scallop, cooked to the right temperature and tender to the bite. With a sliver of mayonaise and a very thin slice of cucumber to wrap things up. It was one of those dish that we can finish with a single bite.

Verdict :

There’s always a bowl of soup in chinese dinners, no matter where you go. It’s the standard operating procedure! And here, we were served with a Double Boiled Top Shell Three Treasure Soup.

Basically a bowl of expensive ingredients lump together and double boiled to perfection. I find it a bit excessive as I tend to only drink the soup and leave all the bites inside. Guess it’s just a force of habit and I tend not to bite into anything I can’t identity.

Verdict : 

Before the 4th dish was served, the Chef of the restaurant came out to greet us and prepare our next dish, the Special Braised Whole Abalone with Chinese Mushroom. Beautifully cooked to perfection, tender to cut and melts in the mouth. I’ve never been a big fan of abalones as not many restaurants I’ve been to knows how to prepare them and it ends up being all rubbery to the bite.

But here, beautifully cooked. The chinese mushroom sauce reduced to the right consistency to pair with the abalone. I went all “Oliver Twist” to the Chef and say “Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?”

Verdict :

The 5th dish was the Live Prawns in Superior Sauce, now, it says Prawns in the menu but there was only just 1 single huge piece. Don’t let that 1 piece of prawn fool you. There’s plenty of fresh meat inside the shell and because it’s the 5th dish out of the 8. We were beginning to fill up just nicely.

I was joking with the guests that because they served us individual dishes like this, would it be enough? Knowing that some of us does love to eat and all. But due to the slow pace the food was delivered, it allowed our stomach to digest each dish slowly and yes, lo and behold, despite my best effort to stay hungry. I was beginning to feel full.

Verdict :

The last of the entrees was the Stewed Yee Mee with Black Pine Mushroom, I had to admit that by this time, I had to skip this dish and didn’t eat my portion. Simply because I actually had extra helping of the prawns earlier as one of the guests was allergic to it and me being me, I had to sacrifice my stomach so that we don’t waste the prawn. But don’t worry, someone finished this plate of Yee Mee for me. So all was not wasted.

Verdict : 

Lastly, for dessert, it was Creamy Avocado + Special Homemade Dessert. I’m no fan of avocado, let alone one that was served as a dessert but the homemade bun was pretty nice. Prepared as a cold dish, it looked like the head of a giant mushroom, cold to the bite and sweet to the taste.

Verdict : 

All in all, it was one of those enjoyable dinner with friends, over a nice good laugh over a private meal specially crafted by the chef for us. The other odd sensation was that since we are the only diners in the restaurant, we have 1 waiter to 2 diners so it felt that extra bit special. Definitely worth the money paid for the royal treatment but not one that we can pull off often.


Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +603 – 7831 1339
Hours: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00 – 11:00 pm
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw281xqutf






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