10 Reasons Why You Should Dance!

I dance a myriad of dance, from Salsa to Kizomba to West Coast Swing. One of the dance that is still in it’s infancy in Malaysia is West Coast Swing. At the moment, there’s only a small community of us that’s dancing WCS and like all other form of dances, we wish to grow it, share the joy of it and see the community of Malaysian Westies grow!

Unlike WCS, the Salsa community in Malaysia is growing at a steady rate with a good number of places in Malaysia providing venues for the weekly social nights. I've also compiled a list for places to dance in Thailand that you can check out here. That’s where I started off back in 2005 when I took the first baby step into the world of latin dance.  Picking up lessons in Salsa and Bachata and over time, learning several other type of dances as well.
And if you are interested to learn to dance but not sure which studio to go to, drop me a message. I’ll be more than happy to assist you in matching you up with the right studios. What is important is to see our community grow and see more and more happy faces joining the social dancing nights. Now, before you say that Dancing is not for you, here’s 10 reasons why it could be something for you!

1. Music!

All dances comes from the music. Naturally our body will move to the catchy tune that catches our fancy. In dancing, we are taught to interpret those music into an expression. Be it a salsa tune or a top of the pop tune. It’s a universal language we all understand!

2. Dance is fun!

You will be surprise how easy it is to dance, of course, the basic steps of most dance grew from our body’s natural movements. I’ve seen quite often people who stumbled upon our social nights that has zero dance experience start to move and enjoy themselves just by moving along with the music. Dance is easy and fun but like all things in life, if we want to get good at it, best way to do it is to take up dance lessons. As we grow further in our dance, we will enjoy it even more.

3. Great Workout!

It’s one of the best form of cardio that you can actually enjoy! Rather than stepping into a gym and get barked at by the gym instructor. Your motivation on the dance floor is the partners you get to dance with. And because it’s dance, you enjoy it and before you know it. You are getting a good cardio workout. It’s also cheaper too!

4. Meeting new people

One thing about social dance is, you get to socialize with people at the dance club. Unlike Clubs where you get drunk and be bombarded by loud music. In social dancing, you get to mix and mingle, meet new people and can actually communicate with them without the need to shout. Even when you travel to a foreign land, with the advancement of the internet, just a few clicks will help you find a club that you can visit and dance to. And because dancers are awesome, even if you don’t speak their language, you can still get someone to dance with you. Dance, just like music, is a universal language.

5. Grow in Confidence

When I first started dancing, the introvert in me would stop me on my track when it comes to social dance. But through classes, I grow in confidence as I know more steps and through encouragement from my instructors and classmates, I start to dance more and slowly but surely gain the confidence in asking a woman to dance with me even though I wasn’t good at it. And as we grow in dance, our confidence will grow with it. I still occasionally shy away from asking a woman to dance but it was not as bad as when I first started.

6. You can have Multiple Partners!

Yes, it does sound a bit wrong but it’s true. Aside from the Strictly competitions where you compete with the same partner. On the social dance floor, you are encourage to dance with as many people as you can. It’s one of the best way to grow and practice! Even competitions are created around this idea. That’s where the WCS Jack & Jill competition comes in. You compete by picking a random partner and songs out of a hat or a bowl or a box and basically dance.

7. Stress Reliever

It’s true, dancing is a good form of stress relieve. After that long day at work, sometimes, all we need is a good night out dancing and let all the troubles and stress melt away.

8. Dancers are a good looking bunch of people

Not that the Dancers like to dress to impress. Whether we are men or women, we naturally try to look our best when we head to the dance club. It just make sense!

9. It’s Impressive

Personally, as a guy, I always enjoy seeing the look on people’s face when they find out that I dance. To girls, I think they find it’s impressive that a guy can dance, especially when it comes to partner dances. So guys, if you want to impress a girl. Learn to dance!

10. It’s an addiction

Because the WCS is danced to pop music that we listen regularly on radio. We dance to the music every day! Even when we are stuck in traffic, when music is played in the radio, we naturally start to tap our feet to the beat, move our body and tap our fingers on the steering. Sometimes, when I daydream, I daydream about dancing! I dance almost every day of the week. So much so that I was asked whether dancing is my full time job or I do other things as well.

Well, that’s my top 10 reasons why I dance. Do you have more to add to this list? Do share via the comment box below!

Michael Yip

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  1. love dancing!!! but i dont have the talent..:(

  2. I love to dance but still shy to dance with other.

  3. It been a long time that I didn't dance liao. Great info.

  4. All those are good tips! I guess I never thought dancing could be so beneficial, I always thought it was just for people interested in dancing. Thanks!

  5. i love meeting new people too :D and i like the fact that dancing helps improve confidence

  6. Aww.. really miss my dancing life after the bad accident. Will look back and and get back my dancing life.

  7. i love to dance! missing the old time back in secondary school, participating some dance performance with friends.

  8. I like dancing since I was young. Dancing makes us happier~

  9. I can't dance... I just move like a statue... but I agree dancing can be so much fun....

  10. You dance so well, really impressive, maybe I should start also :)

  11. I love dance, becoz i like music!!

  12. I used to be a dancer and dancing is a good thing! =D

  13. It is indeed a stress reliever and you feel energetic after a great dance.

  14. Totally agree!! I love to dance.

  15. Trying to get everyone to salsa with you eh? Not everyone is as graceful la, no matter how hard they practice

  16. i love dance and sing. it sure is the stress reliever. for me atleast :)

  17. Yes. Dancing is good. Impress with your dancing skill. I only know certain dance.

  18. Dancing is an addiction and I just have to dance at least once a week - may it be zumba, salsa etc!

  19. dancing is fun! it also helps one to be fit when done regularly. It can also be a great stress reliever.

  20. i really regret not learning dancing seeing how you enjoy it so much and there's so many benefits to it for sure

  21. I love dancing too! Always wanted to continue with dancing classes but working time kinda killing me!