Lunch @ Restoran Sheng May | 升美海鲜饭店

It was one of those days when the urge for some nice seafood needto be satisfied, one of the hidden gem I've discovered over time is located within an industrial area in Pandamaran. Sheng May Restaurant (升美海鲜饭店) has been around for some time now but from what I was told, most of those that know about this place are the locals or those who was introduced to the place.

Now, the place is no 5 star restaurant but just a wooden shack by the side of the road. But that’s what makes the place unique. There’s no air conditioning and don’t expect the waiters and waitresses to be there whenever you call out for orders but that is how they roll. You're experiencing the good old Chinese village style of restaurant and not those you'd typically experience in the city.

Anyway, we actually called in and pre-ordered all the food you see here as there was 3 1/2 table full of hungry people and none of us wants to be disappointed. And the first dish to grace our palate is the Toddy Chicken, sweet, slightly spicy with a hint of toddy to the taste thanks to the creamy sauce. It’s going to be one of my favorite dish to order each time I step into this place for sure.


Next was the Kungpou Mantis Prawns, they were generous with the dried chillies and for a guy who can’t eat spicy food, I had to tread carefully and fork my way around them to get to the mantis prawns. But I can dodge but I can’t escape, eventually bit into some of them but then, there’s no regret at all as the mantis prawn was crunchy and just makes your mouth water!


The last time I had this was behind this Post Office in Old Klang Road and I’ve been missing it ever since… until here. This is the Tapioca Noodle cooked in the Hokkien Mee style. I would prefer the noodles to be flat like the Kuey Teow but then, it’s pointless if every where serve the dish in the same manner right? There wouldn’t be any uniqueness in the meal.


Another dish that I seldom eat but wolfed down nevertheless is this plate of Deep Fried Salted Egg Squids, crunchy on the outside and isn’t rubbery on the inside. One of the main reason I don’t like squid is that they are pretty rubbery but enjoyed them tremendously when deep fried.


Another interesting dish that I seldom eat is this plate of Stir Fry Bamboo Clam, it’s slightly chewy but because these are caught fresh, they are pretty sweet. Still, not something that I like so I can only manage 2 pieces.


Some of the friends asked me throughout dinner why I didn’t eat that much when the above dishes was served, well, the main reason is because I’m saving my storage space for these babies. The first 4kg worth of crabs is the Salt Baked Crabs served in a nice formation like it’s all ready to march right into my stomach. The meat was super tender but to get past the shells, I had to go HULK SMASH! several times over especially at the claws but all those smashing about was worth it when the flesh meats my mouth.


The 2nd crab dish was the Salted Egg Crabs, and all pre-chopped so it doesn’t have to be that messy for us. Tasty and there’s just enough salted eggs in the dish that it doesn’t overpower the taste of the crabs. I was at my most quiet during these two dishes as while everyone start to slow down after wolfing down a few pieces of crab, I was going strong. In fact, I think I personally reunite 3 crabs that was separated before cooking in my stomach. At least I did something good right?


Caught fresh by the restaurant staffs from the Straits of Malacca, these mud crabs are huge! And another thing to note, they don’t catch a lot so it’s first come first served (or pre-order a few days before). A few group of customers that came in after us was quite disappointed when they were told that the crabs been sold out. I personally had to rub more salt into the wound (as the customers look dejectedly on) by biting into a big piece while I look at them. Just the look of jealousy from those not able to get any crab that day just made my day (cause I’m evil like that when it comes to food).
All in all, great selection of food, plenty of crabs was harmed in the making of this meal. And I was a happy camper. Definitely will come here again, especially with my family. Bang for the bucks if you look at the overall bill for the amount of food that was ordered. A table of 8 of us each forked out RM45 for our meal. How’s that for a good dinner?

Restoran Sheng May

22 Jalan Woo Ten, Kawasan 10,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor








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Michael Yip

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  1. Hi, I have been calling the HP for past 1 week but it seems the line is discontinued...can I have the contact number?

    1. Sorry Kenny, even I don't have their new number. I guess they stop the number because of the numerous calls they received and they can't cope with it. Only way to go about it is to walk in to the restaurant.