Desserts @ Moody Cow Cafe Penang

It's one of those specialist cake house, or in this case, cafe located at the little island known as Penang (Pulau Pinang), As I wasn't familiar with the Island, and coming from the Komtar direction, I had problem finding the place as the only indication of the place is a signage that faces Transfer Road and not one that faces Lebuh Dickens. But a quick phone call to the cafe and they were more than happy to direct me to their place.

It's a dimly lit cafe so for those going in the afternoon, prepare for some adjustment when you step out of the cafe into the sun. It can get disorienting. I decided that, with an empty stomach hungry for dinner, that's the best time to go, especially if you're a cake person. Stepping in to the cafe, you'd find a narrow little space with a row of cakes and counter top on one side which is mind blowing to me. From the window to the end of the counter are massive cakes ready for all to devour. But the other thing that I thought of was, whether we are supposed to take our food to go or stay to eat as there's a limited number of seats.

That didn't really matter anyway as the fragrant of the cakes I'm after beckons me with open arms. Like a kid in a cake shop, I skipped along from cake to cake, looking at the names to hunt for the gems among the mountain of gems... um... wait.... what? Placed the order for the cakes I'm after (but took a bit of convincing as the staffs of the cake shop had to ask me a million times if I really ordered what I ordered), the boss man guides me to the back of the premise (I started to get worried, thinking maybe he see a big round man, all juicy and fattened up properly like a wagyu beef ready to be send to slaughter) and through a curtain into another space with more tables and chairs. Ah... more space which, from the outside looked like a closed shop. Sneaky bunch of cows these people are.

In about 5 minutes, one of the young staffs appears from beyond the curtain with my victims on plates ready for me to devour. Again, she looked at me again like I'm a crazed lunatic in a candy store. Guess she must be wondering if she is at the wrong place at the wrong time. First of the trio that I ordered was the Nutella King, a big slice of cake, filled with Nutella covering a few layer of chocolate. Giving it that extra oomph that I like in my chocolate cakes. Did I mention that their slices are pretty big? The amount of Nutella on the cake are quite generous too. It can be quite filling, now that I think back to it. Maybe another raid of that cafe is in order to clarify on this.

Next to enter my domain is the Chempedak Madness, it's truly madness with a hearty amount of chempedak sitting on top of the cake, after a while, I would surmised that the cake themselves are all the same, just the topping that is different, but then, trying to ask the staffs and boss of the place is like duck & chicken talk as they answer everything I asked in fast flowing mandarin and I stand there repeating my questions again not knowing whether they have answered me or not. Best of all, the chempedak is awesomely pungent, giving me the wonderful fragrant with every bite I take, with every move I make.

This is the kicker that wins it all, for me. A tourist actually got up and left when this was served. The wonderful Durian Madness, with the aromatic durian meat sitting atop the layers of cake that slaps every unsuspecting tourists awake with aplomb. As I'm a Malaysian, the slap did nothing to me but just makes me beg for more. By this time, the staff actually poke her head in to see if I'm still alive or not. The meat themselves are quite rich, but not Musang King rich as the boss say those are hard to come by these days (not in season). Doesn't matter if it's Musang King or not, it was still delicious and satisfied my cravings for durian and cakes in 1 slice.

Would I go there again when I step into Penang island? Yes, I would, there are still quite a variety of cakes for me to try. I spoke to a Penangite friend about the place after my adventure there and to think back, now I realized why the staffs of the place constantly checks on me when I was there. According to my friend, normally, people would go in, order a slice and shared it with friends as it can be quite filling and most people wouldn't be able to finish one by themselves, let alone 3 in my case. Guess that's why I'm growing sideways these days more than vertically.

Price wise, depending on what you order, some of the cakes are quite pricey. Like the ones I ordered along with 2 glasses of Iced Lemongrass Tea set me back quite a bit but you have to keep in mind the food that was served and the atmosphere of the cafe. It's not a lot for working people but for travelers on a budget, pick the right stuff and you'll be fine.


170 Transfer Road, George Town, Malaysia
Tel: +604-226 2646
Opening Hours: 11:00am - 12:00am






Michael Yip

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