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With 20+ years in the video and photography industry, I've been engaged to cover quite a number of historical events that happened across the Asian region in the recent years. From the 1st Formula 1 race in Malaysia to the SEA Games in Laos and Olympics in Australia. Since 2010, based out of Kuala Lumpur, my team and I have been engaged to cover a number of corporate clients and notable individuals as well as festivals in the Asian region. To get in touch with us to use our service, Just head over to the contact section and drop me a message.

Through ABOOD PLT., my team and I also provides Event Production as well as Procurement services. Our core team has a combined 30+ years of experience in the event industry organizing festivals and corporate functions as well as corporate training services. We also have a team that has a strong network in the business world that enabled us to provide procurement services to various businesses looking for specific items or services. To reach out to us, you can drop me a message via the floating button at the bottom right or write in to us at info@mikeyip.com or aboodmediamy@gmail.com

If you are stumped by the photo, yes, I dance as well, mainly Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango. I have since stopped performing due to injuries but if you are looking for performers for corporate events/functions/parties/festivals. Do drop me a message as well as I manages some of the dance teams that is currently making the rounds performing for various clients.

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As our core business, this is what we are good at, capturing visuals that brings out the best for your brand.

Procurement Services and Event Management

Through Abood PLT, we specializes in helping brands in 2 big ways, providing a customized procurement solutions for their business needs. We also tailor make events for organizations from corporate training to roadshows and tournaments.

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Abood Media Sdn Bhd's core strenght in Digital Marketing Services focuses on Social Media Management and promotions.

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We also design and revamp websites as part of Abood Media Sdn Bhd's services.

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As part of a new offering from MIKE YIP STUDIO and partners, we also provides Live Streaming services for Events through dedicated sites or onto social media platforms.


We pride ourselves at being good and efficient in what we do and we always try our best to deliver services that exceeds our client's expectations.

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Videos : Salsa-Lah 2017 Shows

Remember I posted about the Salsa-Lah 2017 Photos and mentioned that videos will follow suit, well, wait no more, below are all the videos from the Friday and Saturday show. Yes quality is a bit bad as I have limited ways to put the videos together. Time for me to figure out a way to get a new workhorse to work as my editing machine. Anyone want to sponsor?

Friday Show

1 Bailamos Project from Malaysia

2. Max & Christina from Singapore

3. Lawrence & Vivien from Malaysia

4. Outcast Dance Studio Salsa Team from Malaysia

5. Bailamos Shines Team from Malaysia

6. Son Cubano Project from Malaysia

7. Farhan & Ira from Malaysia

8. Jose & Dawn from Mexico/Singapore

9. Kumbata Team from China

Saturday Show

1. Afro Cuban by Outcast Dance Studio from Malaysia

2. Spring Salsa Ladies Styling from Vietnam

3. Bangkok Touch from Thailand

4. Dance Blaze Ladies Styling from Malaysia

5. Havana Estudio from Malaysia

6. Fai & Mavis from Malaysia

7. Spring Salsa from Vietnam

8. Cachimbo Dance Company from Malaysia

9. OnDSpot from Malaysia

10. Ivy Team from Malaysia

11. 261 Crew from Singapore

12. La Danza from Vietnam

13. Las Chicas Salsalicious from Thailand

14. Ruben & Evgenia from China (Mexico/Russia)

15. BLDC from Singapore

There you have it folks, all the videos from the 2 nights of performance from Salsa-Lah 2017. Some of you might wonder why some of the videos can't be located on youtube itself but is visible here. Well, Youtube has a strict copyright rule and some of the songs are restricted by the original artists themselves so most of the time, we just avoid putting in there to avoid getting our channels punished even though it's just our own performances. So hope you guys understand why some of the videos are hosted elsewhere.

Next post is the performances from the Latin Experience Bali 2017. Until the next Salsa-Lah event, share this post with your friends so they can enjoy all the performances as well!

Photos : Latin Experience Bali 2017

The 4th edition of the Latin Experience organized by the Cuban Salsa Indonesia superwomen has come to an end but that does not mean we leave the weekend behind just like that, I was engaged by the CSI to be there to capture all the laughter, fun and dance over the 3 days to be shared with friends across the globe. Here's some visuals from the Latin Experience Bali 2017!

The 2 days of Learning!

The Cuban Night!

The Pirates of the Latin Experience

The WaterWorld

That's all the photos from the Latin Experience Bali! Next post will be the video of the performances. Stay tune for that!

There's no festivities for the month of October, cause October's a special month for me. It's the Me Month! Next up is the World Bachata Festival to be held at Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia. Are you coming?

Photos & Videos : Salsa-Lah 2017

Salsa-lah 2017 is back with another edition and this time, was held at the Royale Chulan The Curve hotel in Mutiara Damansara. Below are the photos and videos of the festival as captured from the day I got to the Salsa-Lah venue.


If you missed the festival, here's a highlight of what happened at the event!

Performance Videos can be viewed here! From all the performances, which is your favorite?

How to earn money from your content on Facebook, esp video!

On Wednesday, Facebook released a post with guidelines on what publishers and what content can earn money from sharing to or posting on the site. Making money from Facebook includes content sponsored by a brand, sites featuring ads from Facebook Audience Network, ads in Facebook Instant Articles, or ad breaks in Facebook videos.

The standards are pretty clear about nine categories banned from making money via Facebook:

  1. Misappropriation of Children's Characters
  2. Tragedy and Conflict (ex. natural disasters, crime, self-harm)
  3. Debated Social Issues (ex. attacks on people or groups) 
  4. Violent Content (against people or animals) 
  5. Adult Content (ex. nudity, explicit or suggestive positions) 
  6. Prohibited Activity (ex. sale or use of illegal products) 
  7. Explicit Content (ex. blood, medical procedures, gore)
  8. Drugs or Alcohol Use
  9. Inappropriate Language

There's also a new tool to update publishers if their content is disabled from advertising. You can then appeal within the system directly on the site. A step forward in terms of transparency for publishers to take immediate actions.

Along with this update, Facebook is cracking down on fake news as well, Pages that repeatedly share fake news by third-party checkiers will no longer be able to participate in revenue programs, this along with the fact that Pages that share fake news will not be allowed to pay for promoted posts on News Feed.

Publishers making money from Facebook is, as always, a work in progress. Facebook is instituting its new feedback loop to videos with ad breaks first and later expand the effort to Instant Articles.

Hopefully, soon, they'd allow more pages and profiles to join the ranks of those who has started to earn from posting contents on Facebook.

Is your page getting monetization from Facebook?

Google Drive Apps for Desktop Going Offline in December 2017

Don't let the big hoo-haa that is going around scare you. Google Drive, the desktop (pc/mac) app is going away, but the service itself is basically intact and not going anywhere. So if you use the service via your web browser, then you won't notice much difference. But if you rely on the desktop app, you might want to download the Backup and Sync and start familiarizing with the app before GD app goes completely offline.

Google Drive for Mac/PC will no longer be supported starting on December 11th, 2017, and it will shut down completely on March 12th, 2018.

The real motivator behind the Drive app’s deprecation is a push to move enterprise users over to the new Drive File Stream app. Launching on September 26th, File Stream is intended to be used as a sort of collective hard drive for teams and organizations. All files are kept in the cloud and can be edited from anywhere. Say, for example, you’re a designer—you wouldn’t be downloading that PSD file, opening it in Photoshop, making some changes, saving it on your hard drive, and then re-uploading it to the cloud. Instead you’ll just open it straight out of File Stream and save it in the same place.

A few important things to note:

In October, Drive for Mac/PC users may start seeing messages in the product notifying them that Drive for Mac/PC is going away.
  • If a user is running both Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync on the same machine, they’ll be prompted to stop syncing My Drive with Backup and Sync in order to save disk space.
  • Team Drive editors won’t be able to edit their Team Drive files when they’re opened in Drive File Stream; they’ll only be able to view them. 
  • To edit these files, they’ll need to open them in Drive on the web.
For more about the updates, check out the GSuite's post about it.

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