Where to find the BYD Dolphin's simcard tray

Was told by Sales Agents that the BYD Dolphin uses e-sim for the data line connection which got me thinking, if there's a sim tray in the Atto 3, surely they'd do it for the Dolphin as well, right? 

Scouring the net didn't come up with any results so decide to spent a bit of time going through the car with a magnifying glass and without the need to pry open any panels, I found it! 

Here's a video showing you where the sim card is located. For me, the car comes with 2 years of free subscription so there's no need for any replacement of sims but this will aways come in handy when the time comes that I don't want to subscribe to the packages BYD will announce and go on my own, at least I know where the sim tray is located at. 

Previously, I've shared as well on how to sideload the Android Apps into the BYD Dolphin (See the video here) but was informed that the latest updates that Australian users have gotten seems to have wiped that out and set everything back to default. Guess won't be updating my OS any time soon.

What else have you not able to find in the BYD that you're trying to find? Maybe I can help.

Michael Yip

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