Donation Drive for children's and elderly homes

In the last 2 weeks, my Sains Selangor team and I has been mobilising our contacts to try and raise funds and essentials for a few homes in the Kajang area. Just embarking on this within our own family and friends, with so many efforts happening now across Malaysia with the Bendera Putih initiatives in full swing, we were trying not to drown the community with too many initiatives happening at the same time. 

But as we head into our 2nd phase of our own activities, I thought that it's time for us to now let the public know and see what we can muster out of this. Who are we helping? Keep scrolling after the poster.

Homes we are helping: 

1) Anak Yatim Kajang Perdana

Caretaker: Mdm Foo

Pax = 13 + 2 staffs

No need cloths

Need food: Bread, vegetarian foods, chicken, rice
Others : Laundry detergent, Cash

2) Rumah Anak Yatim Sg Kantan
Caretaker: Pn Siti

Pax: 75 + 10 staffs

Need Food: Biscut, Roti, rice

Need children clothing

Need Cash to settle utility bills

3) Rainbow home Cheras (Orphanage)
Caretaker: Sheila
28 Pax + 4 staffs

Food such as biscuits, rice etc
Need cash
No need cloths for now

4) Pusat Jagaan Al Fikrah Kajang
(Old folks home)
Caretaker: Kak Long
80pax + 4 staffs
Need cash contribution
Need foodstuffs- bread, biscuits etc

Clothings yes

If you feel you could help, do let me know, you can also contact us at selangorsains @ 

For non-Malaysian friends, you can also donate via >> paypal <<

Michael Yip

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