Installing Android APK into BYD Dolphin

 Sharing a guide on how to install android apps into the BYD despite the lack of any Android Playstore.

1. Get a USB Drive and format it to the FAT32 format in Windows/Mac desktop.

2. Download your apk file from any Android depository. I uses the APKPure site to download the files for my Huawei so it's pretty reliable.

3. Create a folder in the USB Drive titled: third party apps.

4. Copy the APK file into the folder, eject and bring the USB to your car.

5. Start your BYD, insert the usb drive into the usb slot. 

6. Pop-Up will appear to key in password. Case Sensitive ya. 

V1.6.1: GHY0613byd

V1.5/V1.6: BYD6125F

Pre-V1.5: 20211231

7. Go to Settings, in Apps. click on Permission and activate the app.

8. See your screen, the app will be on the last page. Drag it to where you want.

Note: For Google owned products like Youtube, you will need to install GBox into the car in order for those to be usable. 

Enjoy your ride with your apps.

Michael Yip

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