Monday, May 9, 2016

An Evening with the WeBe Community and Project Initiators
Shu Wei from WeBe explaining about the aspiration behind the brand.

Since P1 changed their branding to WeBe with a 2 prong attack on the Telecommunication industry, they spread their wings into 2 directions, a Community that is project driven ala Kickstarter and a Telecommunication player via their WeBe mobile service which will be launched somewhere in the 3rd quarter of the year after they have cleared off all the kinks.

Now, #WeBeCommunity is a project driven community where you pledge your support for the respective projects by pledging WeBits instead of cash. Yup, no cash involved so you don't have to worry about the project(s) running away with your money with nothing to show at the end of the campaign period. All you have to do is pledge enough WeBits to start the project and the funds will be projected by WeBe to the projects for them to start.

With the wonderful team from Container Classrooms and CY from WeBe.

Recently, I've got a chance to sit down with some of the Project Initiators to dig deeper into the ideas behind the projects. As a Social Enterprise myself, I can say that what they do in many ways is very similar to what I am doing, only difference is, the budget would be smaller than mine as well as they now have the support of a community that is there to help them drive the message through and spread the words via the WeBe Community.

Darren Teh from An Honest Mistake explaining about WEbePOP!

So, let's have a quick recap of webe and webe community: webe (formally known as P1) is the new brand that will be operating in alignment with TM Group’s aspiration (yup, TM has jumped into the mobile telecommunication wagon by acquiring P1 after their failed relationship with Celcom), vision, values, and principles. Under the TM’s aspiration of becoming the Malaysia’s Convergence Champion, webe will become the Centre of Excellence for Mobility in TM.

In the world of webe, the We+Be philosophy guides their members with the principle of the power of ‘We’ being greater than me and the freedom to ‘Be’ yourself. It’s about making a difference in the lives of the community we exist in – bit by bit.

Virtual Field Trip's simple and effective design
At the moment, webe Community, as a one of a kind crowd-backing platform for people to connect, collaborate and co-create has started the following projects and in order for those projects to start, you will need to help them unlock those projects by pledging your WeBits to the projects.
  • Dengue Prediction & Alert App
  • WEbePOP!
  • KL24: Zombie
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Malaysian Makers Market
  • Cycles To China + Gombak house (unlocked!)
  • Container Classrooms (unlocked!)
You can head to to download the app into your phone now and start pledging. It's that simple!

The large team of Project Initiators and WeBe Community in one room for discussion.

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