A father, a son, an entrepreneur and the occasional social dancer. That basically sums up my current life. It's 2016, I'm 40 (after all, it's the new 20) and life is suddenly moving ahead on a faster pace.  Being a single father of 2 growing children is a challenge but I'm loving it, especially with new plans kicking off this year. There will be a whole host of challenges ahead as I try to expand my business to more than where it current stands and at the same time, provide for my growing family as a single father. It's going to be exciting and I'm looking forward to it.

Now, for regular visitors to mikeyip.com, you might be wondering what happened to all the contents in here? Yes, I've build up quite a repository of food reviews and travelogs and they've all gone missing. I didn't reset the system. The Matrix is still alive. A bug came into my part of the system and wiped out everything, I do have back-ups but there seems to be issues with the current server recognizing the xml content of my previous site.

Does that mean it's the end of the road for the site after taking such a long period growing the brand? No, I'm looking at 14 April 2016 as a brand new start, along with pushing myself into the next step of my business, I will look at it as a whole new set of life when it comes to my personal growth as well. I will still write about food, about travel, about dancing and occasionally rant about some "injustice" that I feel that I need to voice out but all in all. It is a brand new start.

Thanks to the Google Cache, I will slowly pick and choose some of the more sought for postings to post up again in this site but it will take time, only way you can tell when I am putting them up is to follow the process by coming over often or follow my update on facebook.com/mikeyipdotcom, twitter.com/zique and instagram.com/zique76 as I'll put the links up in those social media sites.

So one of the more frequently asked questions is, What Do I Do? Well, one thing for sure, I'm not a full time blogger, this site is just a compilation of what I like and don't like and I use it as a reference point for places I go to and so on. I always feel that I'm the only one who reads this site and it acts as my online diary.

I run a full time business, dealing predominantly in the media industry, we provide photographers to events, corporate retreats and even news media. I also manage social media channels for clients, so while some label me as an influencer, I don't see myself as that. After all, I get paid to do what I do. And if we get paid for it, we are doing what our clients want. I do make it a policy though to not promote any of my client's product/services on this site because at the end of the day, it will be a conflict of interest as I write what I write the way I feel/see/experience it. And if it's my client's products/services, I will be forced to write positive reviews about it. So no, I avoid doing that. I eat what I can afford to eat, visit places where I can afford to visit or play what I can afford to play. That way, I know I'm not obligated to anyone but myself. After all, I paid for it, I can write how I feel it is.

e pluribus unum



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