SMK Damansara Silver Jubilee

It was a good night on the 22nd April 2015 to meet up with ex-schoolmates, especially those that is based overseas as well as those that hardly come out for drinks. It was also nice to see some of the teachers that used to teach us are still teaching and contributing to the growth of our youth in the school. My hat's off to them for their dedication. As the pioneering batch, it's also quite nice to see that Sekolah Menengah Damansara Utama or now better known as SMK Damansara Utama, has come a long long way, 25 years since it opened the gates to let the first of it's many students in to study, mingle and grow.

Teachers and Parents of the current batch of students made up majority of the guests
My first impression when I became a DUrian (Yes, that's what we call ourselves) was We Are All Alone.... cause yes, as the 1st batch of students in a big school, there's no one there except us! I never experience the Afternoon school syndrome that most Form 1 & Form 2 student faces before they shift to morning sessions for their last 3 years of school. It was always walking into school at 6.30am when it was still pitch black and wonder if there's anyone else out there.

The Pioneer of SMK Damansara Utama, the Original Crazy Bunch

Having visited the school recently, we can also see how much the place has changed. The office has since been shifted to above the school canteen, another 2 row of new blocks has also appeared to cater to the growing number of students and the open air badminton courts are now gardens and parks.

Soo Wincci was also a SMKDU Alumni!

The other big changes is some of the friends that came for the Jubilee, no doubt, quite a few of us still have the same features (albeit slightly meatier) from when we were in school (proof is when the teachers that taught us point us out and say they recognize us!) but there's also quite a few that has changed over the years. But as usual, when we got together, let just say that the current batch of students don't know what is havoc until they met us.

It was definitely a good trip down memory lane. Meeting up with teachers, friends as well as some that I knew from my work that I never knew was from my school! Definitely new discovery that I didn't expect to find. Despite me not doing particularly well in school all those years ago, I must say that it is in this school where the love for the broadcasting and entertainment industry was instilled in me. My first stage acting performance was done at this school, the first time I plan, set up and maintain a set of sound system was at this school when I was appointed to take care of the school's sound system. The first time I sang in front of an audience was also in this school. Competing at National level in sports was also thanks to this school. In fact, there was plenty of "first" that I've experienced when I was studying in SMDU so I'll always cherish and respect this school as it was the place where I truly grew.

Michael Yip

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