Air-Fried Salmon in 6 minutes

I'm a big fan of salmon, love eating them raw and also love preparing them in various manners. One of the cooking process I've been using since discovering the steps online was with the Air-Fryer. There's a few places I usually go to for fresh salmons but if you are lazy to shop around, you can get farmed salmons from most hypermarts. It's easy to tell the difference but I'll dwell on that on another post (so you'll come back to read this site more and more... right?)



  1. Wash, cut to preferred slice (if you got a  big piece of salmon) and de-bone the fish thoroughly
  2. Pat dry with paper towel
  3. Seasoned to your preference. For wild salmons, all we need is a pinch of salt and black pepper.



  1. Pre-heat airfryer at 180°C for 15 minutes.
  2. Arrange the fish with skin side up (if you want to fry with the skin), especially with farmed salmon, it will get super oily and if your skin is at the bottom, it will not be crispy.
  3. Set Timer to 6 minutes
  4. Wait for Magic to happen.
  5. To achieve Crispy skin, open the air-fryer at 4th minute and peel the skin off the top of the fish and place it besides the flesh so it will cook by itself.
  6. Remove fish from Air-Fryer after it is done.
  7. Set timer for another 2 minutes for the skin to fry until crispy. (Use a flat plate to weight the skin down so it won't fold into itself when all the oil and liquid is fried off the skin)
  8. Once it's done, remove from tray and decorate on top of the fish before serving.

Now, if you wish to place a big piece of salmon into the air-fryer instead of cutting it up, do sear the skin to allow it to cook through. First time I tried it without searing the skin, the middle of the flesh was not cooked through. My mistake, but at least it can be a tip for those who wants to do the same as me.

Do you have a good recipe for sauce to go with the salmon? Why not share with me by commenting below?

Michael Yip

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