Book Launch: Brand Yourself by Steve Wee and Datin Winnie Loo

Recently Steve Wee and Datin Winnie Loo got together and wrote a book that's focused on branding. Quite an interesting book, having read it during my trips to Sabah, giving me an insight into what to do and what is needed to brand myself. Something that is quite important especially when the face of the business is the one that is normally seen by clients and public.

Steve Wee, Founder of Brand Yourself Agency and Co-Founder of School of Charisma understands the essence of personal branding. Through this core belief, he began his journey to inspire and to help many individuals including corporate leaders to refine their career positioning as well as public appeal. To date, he has penned almost all of his life’s experiences in his much anticipated book – Brand Yourself. The book launch, held at Glasshouse @ Seputeh, was an intimate affair with industry leaders, corporate clients, business associates, media representatives gathered to witness Steve’s greatest milestone achievement.

The Brand Yourself book is currently sold directly via Brand Yourself Agency and School of Charisma at RM100 per copy. In addition, complimentary copies will be given away to entrepreneurs who sign up for the Brand Yourself Asia or School of Charisma programs to reward their commitment in undertaking their personal branding to a much higher level.

They will also be provided full access to the educational branding packages and a DVD on Personal Branding tips to help them stand out or distinguish themselves. For additional details on how to collect the Brand Yourself bonuses worth RM497, just click on the web link:

Michael Yip

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