Pokemon Go! and how to Download the App.

Been getting a lot of messages from friends asking me the same question so I thought might as well do a post about it and share the download information. Pokemon Go hits the world in a huge way when it was released (you can find the app in the iOS store or Google PLAY store if you are in the region that supports it).

Some of us here in Malaysia managed to install it too and  when it is a hot item like Pokemon Go, everyone wants to be in on it. So to download it into your android device, CLICK HERE! It's that simple.

Now, you can sign in and get  the 3 base Pokemon to start the game with but if you are looking for PIKACHU! Well, here's the trick.

1. Once you are given a choice to pick the 3 pokemons, ignore them! Yup! IGNORE!

2. WALK AWAY and once you are a distance away from the initial selection, another 3 will pop up. REPEAT STEP 1!

3. Repeat Step 1 and 2 enough times (took me 4 different selections) before the 5th one where PIKACHU appear as part of the selection. Click on him and throw your ball at him!

4. GLOAT that you've gotten Pikachu! But then, if you are one of the late users to come online, there are a lot of others who have gotten it before you.

The Wall Street Journal reporting that Pok√©mon Go will launch Europe and Asia "within a few days." There's no official comment on this time-frame, with the WSJ citing "people familiar with plans for the game." So there you have it, enjoy the game, have fun and let's meet and BATTLE!  If you have any tips and tricks you want me to try out, do comment below too.

Michael Yip

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