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Through ABOOD PLT., my team and I also provides Event Production as well as Procurement services. Our core team has a combined 30+ years of experience in the event industry organizing festivals and corporate functions as well as corporate training services. We also have a team that has a strong network in the business world that enabled us to provide procurement services to various businesses looking for specific items or services. To reach out to us, you can drop me a message via the floating button at the bottom right or write in to us at info@mikeyip.com or aboodmediamy@gmail.com

If you are stumped by the photo, yes, I dance as well, mainly Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango. I have since stopped performing due to injuries but if you are looking for performers for corporate events/functions/parties/festivals. Do drop me a message as well as I manages some of the dance teams that is currently making the rounds performing for various clients.

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Your iMessage contacts are logged and could be shared with the authorities

This is an interesting information to note especially for those of you who doesn't really read the terms and conditions when you agree to the service agreement of applications. APPLE PROMISES THAT your iMessage conversations are safe and out of reach from anyone other than you and your friends.

But every time you type a number into your iPhone for a text conversation, the Messages app contacts Apple servers to determine whether to route a given message over the ubiquitous SMS system, represented in the app by those déclassé green text bubbles, or over Apple’s proprietary and more secure messaging network, represented by pleasant blue bubbles, according to the document. Apple records each query in which your phone calls home to see who’s in the iMessage system and who’s not.

This log also includes the date and time when you entered a number, along with your IP address — which could, contrary to a 2013 Apple claim that “we do not store data related to customers’ location,” identify a customer’s location. Apple is compelled to turn over such information via court orders for systems known as “pen registers” or “trap and trace devices,” orders that are not particularly onerous to obtain, requiring only that government lawyers represent they are “likely” to obtain information whose “use is relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation.” Apple confirmed that it only retains these logs for a period of 30 days, though court orders of this kind can typically be extended in additional 30-day periods, meaning a series of monthlong log snapshots from Apple could be strung together by police to create a longer list of whose numbers someone has been entering.

Based on a document from the US State Enforcement office, titled “iMessage FAQ for Law Enforcement,” is designated for “Law Enforcement Sources” and “For Official Use Only,” though it’s unclear who wrote it or for what specific audience — metadata embedded in the PDF cites an author only named “mrrodriguez.” (The term “iMessages” refers to an old name for the Messages app still commonly used to refer to it.)

Phone companies routinely hand over metadata about calls to law enforcement in response to pen register warrants. But it’s noteworthy that Apple is able to provide information on iMessage contacts under such warrants given that Apple and others have positioned the messaging platform as a particularly secure alternative to regular texting.

The document reads like a fairly standard overview that one might forward to a clueless parent (questions include “How does it work?” and “Does iMessage use my cellular data plan?”), until the final section, “What will I get if I serve Apple with a [pen register/tap and trace] court order for an iMessage account?”

This is a lot of bullet points to say one thing: Apple maintains a log of phone numbers you’ve entered into Messages and potentially elsewhere on an Apple device, like the Contacts app, even if you never end up communicating with those people. The document implies that Messages transmits these numbers to Apple when you open a new chat window and select a contact or number with whom to communicate, but it’s unclear exactly when these queries are triggered, and how often — an Apple spokesperson confirmed only that the logging information in the iMessage FAQ is “generally accurate,” but declined to elaborate on the record.

Apple provided the following statement:
When law enforcement presents us with a valid subpoena or court order, we provide the requested information if it is in our possession. Because iMessage is encrypted end-to-end, we do not have access to the contents of those communications. In some cases, we are able to provide data from server logs that are generated from customers accessing certain apps on their devices. We work closely with law enforcement to help them understand what we can provide and make clear these query logs don’t contain the contents of conversations or prove that any communication actually took place.

And it’s true, based on the sample information provided in the FAQ, that Apple doesn’t appear to provide any indication whatsoever that an iMessage conversation took place. But a list of the people you choose to associate with can be just as sensitive as your messages with those people. It requires little stretching of the imagination to come up with a scenario in which the fact that you swapped numbers with someone at some point in the past could be construed as incriminating or compromising.

In a section of its website devoted to touting the privacy safeguards in its products, Apple claims that “your iMessages and FaceTime calls are your business, not ours. … Unlike other companies’ messaging services, Apple doesn’t scan your communications, and we wouldn’t be able to comply with a wiretap order even if we wanted to.”

In 2013, after Apple was revealed to be among the tech companies caught up in an NSA surveillance program known as PRISM, which tapped into customer information on the central servers of nine leading internet companies, the company released a rare statement regarding its “commitment to customer privacy,” insisting that it would be unable to share sensitive customer data even if it wanted to:

For example, conversations which take place over iMessage and FaceTime are protected by end-to-end encryption so no one but the sender and receiver can see or read them. Apple cannot decrypt that data. Similarly, we do not store data related to customers’ location, Map searches or Siri requests in any identifiable form.

Questions of how much Apple could or would aid police if asked vaulted back into headlines following the mass shooting in San Bernardino last year, which left the FBI in possession of the shooter’s iPhone, which it was unable initially to decrypt. Apple balked at demands that it help crack the phone, allowing it to enjoy a reputation as not just a maker of expensive electronics, but a determined privacy advocate. We need more technology companies that are willing to take public, principled stands in defense of our private lives, but these same companies should follow through with technical transparency, not just statements.

Now, most of the examples are those in the United States but with the right court order, authorities from any countries can also request for the contact data to be shared.

With most conversations taking place over the net these days, all conversations we transmitted to friends and acquaintance get logged in one way or another, so if you want your privacy to be respected, go back to the good old ways of meeting face-to-face, especially when you are communicating about sensitive information.

21 races for Formula One 2017 Calendar

Twenty-one races are scheduled for the 2017 Formula One world championship, although Canada, Brazil and Germany are still to be confirmed, the World Council of the sport's governing body said Wednesday.

The 2017 season will start in Melbourne on March 26 and finish in Abu Dhabi nine months later.

Singapore, in the last year of its current deal, has switched slots with Malaysia for next season.

The 2017 calendar will be confirmed at the next meeting of the World Council in Vienna on November 30.

2017 F1 world championship schedule:

  1. March 26: Australia (Melbourne)
  2. April 9: China (Shanghai)
  3. April 16: Bahrain (Sakhir)
  4. April 30: Russia (Sochi)
  5. May 14: Spain (Barcelona)
  6. May 28: Monaco
  7. June 11: Canada (Montreal)
  8. June 18: Europe (Baku, Azerbaijan)
  9. July 2: Austria (Red Bull Ring, Spielberg)
  10. July 9: Great Britain (Silverstone)
  11. July 23: Hungary (Hungaroring, Budapest)
  12. July 30: Germany (Hockenheim)
  13. August 27: Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)
  14. September 3: Italy (Monza)
  15. September 17: Malaysia (Sepang)
  16. October 1: Singapore
  17. October 8: Japan (Suzuka)
  18. October 22: United States (Austin)
  19. November 5: Mexico
  20. November 12: Brazil (Interlagos, Sao Paolo)
  21. November 26: Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Donald Trump vs HIllary Clinton: 10 points from the US Presidential Debate

For those of you who missed the Trump vs Clinton 1st US Presidential debate, here's 10 key points from it that mattered. The pair squared off in a 90-minute debate at Hofstra University in New York as the race to the White House heated up considerably. Topics included ISIS and the war on terror, tax returns and 'temperament'.

I'm sure most of us outside of the United States watched it with great interest as well, after all, as the global market space converge into a smaller space, the market around the world do get affected by policies that is issued in other parts of the world.

1. Jobs and the economy

The candidates kicked off with different approaches to the first question on Americans' wealth and work, with Mrs Clinton looking to future policies while Mr Trump targeted the Democrats' record in government.

Mrs Clinton noted that it was her granddaughter Charlotte's second birthday as she pledged to achieve gender parity in the workplace and increase taxes for the wealthy.

Mr Trump said the US had lost jobs to Mexico and industry to China and promised to revive the US economy by lowering taxes, cutting regulation and renegotiating trade deals.

He repeatedly attacked his rival's husband, former US president Bill Clinton , for the North American Free Trade Agreement which was approved under his administration in the 1990s.

Mrs Clinton used the subject of family income to launch a personal attack on Mr Trump, contrasting his charmed start in life with her own.

2. Emails and tax returns

Mrs Clinton admitted she had made a mistake by using a private email system during her tenure as US secretary of state.

Mr Trump said he would only disclose his tax affairs if his rival releases the "33,000 emails" deleted from her private server.

However Mrs Clinton accused Mr Trump of hiding "something terrible", suggesting he may not be as wealthy as he claims, pay a low rate of tax or give smaller charitable donations than he has claimed.

3. Climate change

Mr Trump denied saying climate change was false despite having tweeted in January 2014: "Snowing in Texas and Louisiana, record setting freezing temperatures throughout the country and beyond. Global warming is an expensive hoax!"

4. Race

The candidates were asked how they would heal race relations in the wake of police shootings that have provoked outrage across the US. Mrs Clinton said gun violence is the leading cause of death among young African-American men and tackling the "plague of gun violence" is critical.

The pair clashed on "stop and frisk" laws, with Mr Trump claiming a judge's ruling that the practice was unconstitutional was wrong.

He said: "Right now our police are afraid of doing anything" and that if you walk down the streets in places like Chicago, "you get shot".

A theme throughout his campaign has been to "make America safe again".

5. "Birther" controversy

Mr Trump recently dropped a conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and was therefore ineligible to serve as president.

The retreat came after years of campaigning for Mr Obama to release his birth certificate.

In the debate Mr Trump blamed Mrs Clinton for starting the false claim that Mr Obama was born in Kenya and said that he was instrumental in achieving the certificate's release.

Mrs Clinton accused her rival of spreading a "racist lie" that our "first black president" was not an American citizen.

6. Gender

During an exchange over her ability to cope with the physical demands of the job, Mrs Clinton referred to an episode between Mr Trump and US chat show host Rosie O'Donnell. "This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs," the Democrat said.

7. Gun laws

On a rare point of agreement between the candidates, Mr Trump said he supported Mrs Clinton's view that people on watch lists or no-fly lists should have restrictions on their ability to buy guns.

"We have to look very strongly at no-fly lists and watch lists," the tycoon said.

8. Defence and cyber security

After batting off questions over his temperament, Mr Trump said he would not use America's nuclear arsenal unless the US was struck with warheads first.

However he also said he "can't take anything off the table" and referred to issues with Iran and North Korea.

The candidates were quizzed on their views on cyber security, with a focus on Russia.

Mrs Clinton said the US "is not going to sit idly by" and let hostile nations attempt to hack public or private information.

Mr Trump's past praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin left him open to attack.

He simply replied "wrong" when the comments were raised.

9. Terror

Mr Trump was quick to bring national security into the debate even when the question was on a separate issue.

He first accused Mrs Clinton of leaking tactics to Islamic State on her campaign website and criticised the Obama administration for the ascendancy of the terror group.

The Democratic candidate said she is hopeful that IS will be eradicated by the end of the year - with taking out its leaders her top priority in office.

In the wake of several deadly terror-related incidents in the US, Mrs Clinton said her rival had "consistently insulted Muslims abroad, Muslims at home", while people from within the Muslim community would be key to fighting terror.

10. Fitness to serve

Both candidates appeared fit and well during the debate - however, sniffling by Mr Trump set chins wagging on Twitter.

After Mrs Clinton revealed earlier this month that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, Mr Trump questioned whether she had the stamina to be president.

"You have so many different things you have to be able to do and I don't believe Hillary has the stamina," he said.

Mrs Clinton said Mr Trump should not talk about stamina until he has tried out the busy schedule she kept up as secretary of state.

TPLink AC3150 and Installation Process for UNIFI

Recently I've been having connectivity issues with Telekom Malaysia (TM) UNIFI and getting guidance from their call center to resolve the issue is like talking to a 5 year old kid and expecting them to know what to do with my router issue. I know it's the router cause I've done test and identified the problematic area. All they do is repeating a standard SOP of "Please turn off your router and modem and turn them back on again after 2 minutes and see if it i running smoothly again or not". No matter how many times I call to ask, that's the standard answer given. No change of scripts at all.

Anyway, I'm not here to complain about TM and their customer service. Can't really blame the Call Center as I doubt they get an updated SOP list to assist users with new devices and so forth. As usual, I voiced my problem on Facebook and a friend of mine contacted me to tell me that he can get hold of an early set of the TP-Link AC3150 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router (Archer C3150). Yes quite a mouthful and reading through some sites, find that it's pretty new and seems to be fast too. Can't really rely on reviews these days cause more often than not, they will sing praise of a product especially when it is free. Personally, I admit if I get such opportunities to get freebies from brands, I might do the same too. I've to admit that this router is on the pricier side (won't share how much damage it made) but then I'm sure when TP-Link eventually launch it in the market, the price will drop. I'll see if I can get TP-Link Malaysia to share with me regarding the price.

Before I spew out more mental vomits, let us look at the AC3150. Size wise, it's slightly wider than the UNIFI router I had, but it's not as big as some of the other brands out there. Setting up was a breeze but as a new device, there is a few more steps to go through before the router works perfectly with our UNIFI Modem. I decide to do the step by step below since I'm setting mine up anyway. Hope it helps you.

Quick review of the device in terms of performance: Installation is a breeze (checked). Speed wise, it's pretty good and stable (But then I just installed it so not sure if the speed will deteriorate over time). The TP-Link AC3150 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Archer C3150 is a well-equipped dual-band router that delivers speedy file transfers and gives you a wide assortment of management settings. I play mobile games a lot and I must say that certain data intensive games I'm on, it loads up and runs faster than what I used to experience on the UNIFI which left me cursing half the time.

My 10Mb/s account never see this kind of speed before with the new router even though I upgraded the UNIFI package a few months back. It might not be fast for some people but to me, it's fantastic!

I'm not a tech writer so I won't waste your time with all the jargons and numbers that you usually read on tech reviews. I'm writing this based on my layman knowledge which is simple, easy to install? Yup, speed is good? Yup, range is acceptable? Yup, I walked down the block about 2 houses away and I could still see my wifi even though it dropped to a bar. I could now play Pokemon Go (There's a spot a few houses away where some weedles tend to spawn regularly) around my area using my WIFI instead of using up my mobile data! Previously, my UNIFI router disconnects from my phones and tablets after I stepped out of the door.

I'm told that the device is also Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Out (MU-MIMO) ready but I've yet to test that. I think we need to upgrade the firmware to enable that, I'll have to get an advice from the tech experts on it before I do anything foolish. For now, what I'm doing in terms of test since the set-up a few hours ago is to do file transfers between computers and running graphic and data intensive games on my devices to see if there's any lag or slow down as per how I used to experience with the older router. I'll update this bit when I get more concentrate test done. At least with some stats that some friends like to read.

Now, for those of you who wants to do installation at home. Here's a simple guide to help you through the process.

Connecting AC3150 to UNIFI Modem.

Step 1: Hook up the LAN cable to your computer and go to tplinkwifi.net (make sure your wifi connection is off). Username/Password is the default admin. Once you're in, you will be required to change both and re-login again to start the installation process. You can also do the set-up using wifi if you don't want to have any wiring running across your desk. The wifi SSID and password is at the bottom the router.

Step 2: Select the Timezone (+8 hours) and click next, select PPPoE and click next. The following steps would require you to key in your unifi account and password. If you are not sure, call the TM hotline and ask. Handy tip, make sure you got a piece of paper and pen or a notepad on your computer cause your password can be a handful and you can't change it.

Step 3: Once you keyed in your unifi account and password, click next and you'd come to your WIFI set-up page. Do take note that if you are setting up the router through wifi, you will need to select the new SSID on your connection once you click next or you won't get to the following steps.

Basically just click next, save and you don't have to run any test as your connection won't be active yet. There's a few more things to do before you can use the router.

Step 4: Once you have done all the above QUICK SETUP steps, you will need to select Advanced to do the next step of the installation. Don't panic if you don't see any connections yet.

Step 5: In Advanced, select Network and select IPTV. You will see an IPTV Settings page.

Step 6: Enable IPTV and in mode, select Malaysia-Unifi. To double check, the ICMP Proxy should indicate V3. Once these steps are done, click save. Go back to status and you should see the Internet column be populated with numbers indicating to you that you can get online again.

There you have it, some simple steps to follow. I believe this would work with any other new model routers in the market and not only just on TP-LINK's devices. Hope these steps can guide you back to the World Wide Web after you discard of the older slower routers. (Don't throw the old unifi router away cause they might want the router and modem back after you unsubscribe from their service)

Apple in talks to buy McLaren

This is going to be an interesting marriage if the deal does goes through, Apple is reportedly in talks to buy the McLaren supercar maker (and Formula One team owner) in a deal worth between $1.3 billion and $2 billion.

The tech giant's interest in McLaren Technology Group highlights its ambition to develop technology that could be use in an electric and driverless car. However, a representative from McLaren said it was not in talks with Apple about a deal. “We can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment,” the company said.

McLaren builds supercars such as the P1, which costs about £866,000, and also develops technology for the healthcare, energy and transport industries. The company also controls the McLaren Formula One team, which is one of the most successful in the history of the sport despite struggling in recent seasons.

Apple said it “does not comment on rumours or speculation”.

The US firm rarely makes acquisitions, and a takeover of McLaren would be its biggest deal since it bought the Beats headphone brand for $3bn in 2014.

Apple is understood to have been developing a driverless car in a secretive project codenamed Project Titan. However, a number of workers have left the initiative in recent months, leading to speculation that Apple is struggling with its design or director.

Even though both camps refused to entertain the news, it is still interesting for talks of such 'discussion' to spill out into the wild. Will definitely stay tuned into this story as it unfolds.

How to see and block the Companies that's tracking you via Facebook

Did you know that when you allow an app or a site to access your Facebook profile, you are giving more information than you actually allow? No doubt that Facebook is a great tool for you to keep in touch with family and friends, spread the latest information and so forth, but like all free apps online, there's always a hidden cost you'd have to pay.

If you're using Facebook as an authorizing app for sites and downloaded apps, you're giving those companies that operates those sites and apps tons of information about yourself for it to customize their respective sales pitch in one form or another to you.

Most people when they first signed up to Facebook will put in tons of information, from email address and phone numbers to your work history and physical home address. And most people don’t realze that if you’re sharing any of that data with your friends then apps used by those friends can see that data too!

Advertisers, Facebook app developers, and Facebook ad tech partners don’t get a direct look at your personal data. They won’t see that my name is Mike Yip, my phone number is 01xxxxxxx, I’m male, and I run my own Business — Facebook hashes and blocks certain  data to protect user’s privacy and gives it back to partners in bulk so they can’t identify individuals — but nevertheless, this data is being used in order to serve you better-targeted ads.

If you’re worried about your privacy on Facebook, you can do two things:

  • Opt out of ad tracking
  • Look up the list of app companies that are logged in to your Facebook account, and edit that list.

Now that we know what we are looking for, let's deal with each problem one by one. Oh wait, before we go any further, you can only do this using your desktop browser and not through the mobile app. Got it? Let us begin!

Opt out of ad tracking

This is quite an easy one to do, just follow the following steps:

1. Click on the down arrow at the far right of your Facebook page.

2. Go to the settings.

3. Click on the Ads button.

4. In each section of Ads, click on the “edit” buttons.

5. Inside all the edit menus, it will show you a list of settings to choose from and all you have to do is turn it all to No and No One.

Now there's no SAVE button after you click on each one as it'll automatically be saved as your choice even after you leave the page. If you get slightly paranoid about it, exit the page and enter again to make sure the changes is set properly. All set? Now let's explore the next one.

App Minimizing and Blocking

Now for the apps. That requires a bit more digging. Repeat step 1 and 2 like above to bring you over to the SETTING page. See the APP button just above the Ads button you click on in Step 3? Click on that. Done? Let us continue.

6. You'll see a few boxes, click on EDIT on the first one and you'll be presented with this. These are the apps that is tracking me, you might have a different list but they are basically similar in terms of what they try to do. Click on Show All to see all the apps that is tracking you. That's seriously a lot, right?

7. At each app, there's 2 functions for you to choose from, Click the Pencil icon to edit and X to delete.

8. There's a series of boxes for you to choose from once you click on EDIT, DESELECT the ones you don't want the app to pry into and click SAVE at the bottom of each app-page.

9. Now, once you have done all that, Head to the next box in the app page that says Apps others use. Click on EDIT and you'd be presented with a series of option for you to choose from.

10. Choose what you want and don't want future apps to see and click SAVE once you're done. From now on, whenever an app wants to have access to your Facebook profile, these are the information you'd allow those apps to see.

11. One final bit, don't touch the Apps, Websites and Plugins unless you know how to configure that bit separately and choose whether you want everyone to see older postings from Old Versions of Facebook for Mobile, but that's if you are anal about those information.

That's about it, Once you've done all those, you're DONE! Simple right? If you have any questions, do drop me a comment below and I'll try to answer them as best that I can.

Why the Malaysian Passport is highly sought after

Did you know that the Malaysian passport is highly sought after? The reason is very simple, a Malaysian passport gives you visa-free access to 151 countries, making it the eighth most powerful passport in the world in the Passport Index 2016.

The ranking by the World Economic Forum puts Malaysia on par with countries such as Iceland, Australia and Malta. The index ranked passports according to countries that can be visited without applying for a visa.

In comparison with other Asean countries, Brunei (ranked 20) passport holders have visa-free access to 136 countries, Thailand (55) to 72 countries, the Philippines (63) to 62 and Indonesia (69) to 56 nations. Vietnam and Cambodia (both ranked 74) passports have access to 51 countries.

The top ranking went to Germany and Sweden where passport holders are able to visit 158 countries without the need to apply for visas.

Last year, the United States and United Kingdom shared the top spot but have fallen to fourth and second place. Singapore is also ranked fourth (with the US), enabling its passport holders to travel visa free to 155 countries.

The “least powerful passports” are those from the conflict zones such as Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan where passport holders can only travel to 31 to 24 countries visa-free.

Meanwhile, Malaysia is ranked 19th in the world as the most welcoming country to foreigners for providing visa-free travel to the country ahead of Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, and United States which are ranked at 20, 46, 49, and 78 respectively.

Rights of Motorists to Claim Damages from PLUS Malaysia

Did you know that motorists can make claim for damages from PLUS Malaysia Bhd if your vehicle was damaged due to negligence on their part. Case in point would be damages from stones or foreign objects (damaged tires, wood, animal carcasses and so on) that is scattered on the highway. This happened a lot near construction sites where they are refurbishing the surface, I've had 1 bad experience at the stretch between Kota Damansara and the Jalan Duta stretch.

If you experienced such an incident where your bumper or windscreen got damaged due to the foreign objects/stones, make a call to PLUS to lodge a complaint (you can call their toll free number at 1800 88 0000 or use one of the emergency phones on the highway) and you will be directed to the nearest Toll Plaza to file a report. Also, file a police report at the nearby station if the toll plaza does not have a police beat base.

The PLUS Ronda team will then take photos of the damage and your toll receipt (even if you are using the Touch & Go, you can request for a receipt) as it indicates the entry and exit point, your driving license and identification card to be used as part of the claim process.

Don't expect to get your claim immediately as it does take time, you will still have to bring your own vehicle to a service center to repair at own expense (if you have insurance for the windscreen, that will save you some cash). Once your vehicle has been repaired, submit your receipt from the service center along with the report, toll receipt, photos of the vehicle (before and after repair), a copy of the vehicle registration card as well as your insurance policy to PLUS at any one of their offices. Yes, they won't let you get the cash from them that easily but if you have all the documentation from the time you exit the toll plaza until your submission, there should not be a problem.

You will receive a cheque (estimated) with the compensation within a month after you file the paperwork at their office. You can also read about their claim procedures at their website. PLUS has the rights to reject your claim if they suspect that there's some foul play in the claim (after all, they have cameras everywhere so they can check if your vehicle was truly damaged on the highway.

Hope this information helps.

The Dos and Don'ts of Starting a Business

Since this is the 100th post of this new site (after my old one crashed and burnt), I decide that it should be something informational. Topic of choice for this post? The Dos and Don'ts in starting own business.

Starting one is risky and there are a lot of variables that you have to look into. Time, money, risk and capital. As an entrepreneur, expect sleepless nights, long hours crunching numbers and a lot of travels by public transport as you venture out to talk to potential investors, pitch the ideas to potential customers and get the groundwork done. Do it right and it will pay off and make all your sleepless nights worth it.

Here's some Dos and Don'ts to guide you along, if you feel that I miss anything out or have a tip you feel is useful, feel free to add on by commenting below.

The Dos

  • Set a clear goal! As a business owner, your partner and you should have a clear vision of what you are doing and what is your end goal for the business. Determine whether or not your business idea is feasible before going into business. Developing a business plan which includes financial projections is essential in determining the feasibility of your business idea.
  • Choose your team wisely! You have the idea, you know how to execute it, now choose the right team mates to help you put this idea into motion. A good partner, a good staff and a good connection can help you determine success for the venture.
  • Look at everything objectively! Getting too emotionally attached/invested in the business and you will make foolish mistakes and decisions. Always look at your business objectively, See what works and what doesn't and tackle it accordingly. It is your baby but by not being objectively, your baby isn't going to grow.
  • Baby Steps! Many times an entrepreneur will be so excited about the idea that they will invest way too much at the beginning and will lose everything. Take baby steps, no one is going to rush you, this is your own business after all. Learn and grow accordingly as  your business grow and soon, you will be an expert in the field of choice. There are plenty of mentors around that you can always talk to, the business owners and CEOs of today are much more open to sharing about business compared to the 80s and early 90s.
  • Do have a good business plan! Yup, this is the major one, the important one, after you set a clear goal, you need to make sure that you put everything into paper. It is very important not to skip this step or rush through it. The time you spend planning before you open your business will pay off in the long run.
  • Be patient! You are not running a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time to build up your business to a point when it will actually generate profits. Don't give up and don't set yourself up for failure by jumping the gun. Slow and steady wins the race.

The Don'ts

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! No man is an island, even if you are starting the business alone, you can accomplish a lot more when you ask for help. There's plenty of resources and experts out there that you can tap.
  • Don’t rely too much on textbook scenarios! There's plenty of books out there that gives you tips and lessons as well as case studies for you to refer on but that doesn't mean they provides everything you need to know. Getting it right in your own business/career can only be done through trial and errors as you move towards your goal.
  • Don't quit your job straight away! You might have a plan, you might want to dedicate your days and nights on your new venture, but until it gets moving, don't quit your day job just yet. At the end of the day, you need to have a career to fall back on if your venture didn't work out. If you are having trouble making ends meet personally, starting a business will likely make the situation worse. Remember, the new business owner is the last person to get paid and often does not get paid.
  • Don’t mix personal with business! Especially when you are a lone start-up, you might be taking out a chunk of your savings to get this business going but once it's moving along, you might make the mistake of mixing business and personal things together. Always set up a different system be it a bank account, phone number or even an email address. Don't Put all your eggs into one basket.
  • Don’t go into a business you don’t love! You have to be passionate about the business you want to step into as it will take up a lot of your time and energy. If you are doing it because of the money and nothing else, you will lose steam even before you get through the 1st hurdle. Be passionate about your business and people will see it. I've had people coming up to me and say that I always have a smile even when I'm working. I can only say that when you love what you do, you won't see it as work anymore.
  • Don’t undervalue all the obligations and regulations when it comes to registering your business in Malaysia! You will be surprised at how much paperwork are there to do, if you are not sure, ask. There are quite a number of company secretaries out in the market that is more than happy to work with you to register your company for you. These secretaries also can help you with information and tips that you never know you need. I have to Thank God that when I need them, these friends appears. I always turn to them and ask especially when I don't know. You don't have to feel stupid if you ask questions. This is your business, get it started right and you will reap the reward. 

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people wont, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't. To reach the goal, you have to start somewhere. But don't forget to build a solid foundation, you will see strength in the business when the foundation is strong.

Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart. Good luck and looking forward to hearing about your success story.

Understanding Act 355 and Hudud in Malaysia

This piece is written by Siti Kasim, a lawyer in Malaysia and a lady that is passionate about helping the less fortunate. This was written after the Shariah Act Forum that she attended. Am sharing it here because at the end of the day, no matter how the authorities try to convince us, this does affect the non-muslim in the country as well. 

I wanted to point out that the PAS speaker was misleading the audience in terms of the law. He failed to mention the real hierarchy of laws in our country. The speakers from PAS and UMNO insisted it is not a HUDUD bill. Of course it is not a HUDUD Bill but it has everything to do with HUDUD. Without this amendment to the limit of punishment in the Syariah Courts, they wouldn't be able to mete out the punishment already stated in their HUDUD ENACTMENT.

As pointed out by the rep from MCA, in which it was conveniently not answered, that JAKIM's intention in a proposal by them was to implement HUDUD to the whole country and they are going to start with the amendment to Act 355. So, there it is... their first round of plan is in operation.

I think most of the audience and the Malays do not understand the significance of this Act 355. The Bill seeks to introduce a new Section 2A into the Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 or Act 355 to increase the Shariah Court’s power to pass sentences. The proposed Section 2A removes the restriction on punishment for offences against the precepts of Islam that the Shariah Courts can currently impose: imprisonment not exceeding a term of three years, a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit, whipping not exceeding six strokes, or any combination of these punishments (which has come to be known as the “3-6-5 provisions”). No sentence of death can be imposed under the new Section 2A, but the amendment would appear to confer Shariah Courts with unlimited power to impose all other hudud punishments. Hudud offences include offences like zina (adultery), qazaf (false accusation of committing zina), syrub (alcohol consumption) and irtidad or riddah (apostasy) and according to the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code (II) (1993) 2015 Enactment, punishment for these is whipping, ranging from 40 to 100 lashes. The Bill also seeks to substitute the existing Section 2 in Act 355 with a new section that appears to widen the scope of the Shariah Court’s existing criminal jurisdiction, which is currently limited to offences by Muslims against Islam.

Now, the Islamists will ask why am I opposing this because it is Allah's will!! NO! NO! NO! It is not Allah's Will nor is it God's laws!! We, as Malays must be allowed to openly discuss these so call punishment set out by this Mullahs. Are they really God's punishment? I will share an example of the real God's punishment in theft compare to these Mullah's law later. That is why, I refuse to be governed by these man-made laws under the pretext of Islam. These people are selling Islam. We have been duped for so long.

I know these hardliners are not easy to convince due to the complete brainwashing from their Ostards and Mullahs and most of all our system. Therefore, as a Malaysian Citizen in which my rights are protected under the Constitution and to respect the rights of those who believe they must adhere to their Ostards and Mullahs, I propose we are given the choice to either be governed under the Secular Laws or the Religious Laws. They keep saying why do we want to stop them from practising their belief, so we must not stop them. Those Malays who do not want to be governed under these man-made religious laws, should be allowed to opt out. I will never submit to these man-made laws guise under the cloak of Islam.

If our government of the day, can accommodate this, I promise you, I will never, never interfere with the running of your Islam. I will mind my own business.

My battle all these while was not because of being courageous and brave but because I AM IN FEAR. I am fearful that these Mullahs are taking me away from the true Islam. The Islam that I know as beautiful and full of compassion.

To all that have smeared my name, I forgive you and I hope you will find the true Islam in your lifetime. God has been kind to me by giving me a strong constitution to not be affected by the name-calling and even to the extent in calling me an apostate.

Read the Quran in the language you understand and seek to understand it from people who have no personal agenda.

I want to show you comparison of what is man-made and God's punishment. It is a bit heavy but it's quite easy to understand.


To cut off the thief's hands.


The punishment enforced in some Islamic countries for the crime of theft is based on the wrong interpretation of the following verse:

[5:38] The male thief, and the female thief, you shall ‘eqta’u’ (cut) their hands as a penalty for what they have committed, and to serve as a deterrent from God. God is Dignified, Wise.

According to the incorrect interpretation of 5:38, the law in these Islamic countries deems the punishment of severing the hand of anyone caught stealing. But is this the correct interpretation of God's words in 5:38?

To determine the correct meaning of 5:38 we must analyse the key word in this verse which is the Arabic word "eqta’u".

The word ‘eqta’u’ (which is the command from of the word ‘qata’aa’) has been wrongly interpreted by the traditional scholars to mean ‘to sever’. But the word for sever in Arabic is ‘batara’ and not ‘qata’aa’.

In 108:3 we read the word ‘abtar” which speaks of he who whose progeny has been cut off/severed.

In 5:38 God did not use the word ‘batara’ but used the word ‘eqta’u’.

The Arabic word ‘qata’aa’, and how it is used, is not any different from the use of the same word (cut) in English.

The word ‘cut’ can mean sever/cut off and can also mean to cause a cut or wound.

Example: You may be working in the kitchen one day and you accidently make a small cut in your hand with the knife, then you would tell your wife “I have cut my hand”! Does this mean you have completely severed your hand? Obviously not, it only means you have made a cut in your hand or marked it.


The Quran gives us confirmation that the correct meaning of the word ‘iqta’oo’ (command form of qatta’a) in 5:38 is to cause a cut/mark and not to sever.

When we read the story of the Prophet Joseph in Sura 12 we read another instance where the word ‘qatta’a’ is used. In 12:31 we read how the women guests of the lady of the house upon seeing how handsome Joseph was, their impulsive reaction was to ‘qattaana’ (plural femine of qatta’a) their hands with the knives given to them. The question here is: Did these women completely sever their hands? Obviously not, they only made a cut/mark in their hands.

We note that the exact word ‘qatta’a’ is used in 5:38 and also in 12:31.

God gives a clear sign that the same word ‘qatta’a’ in both verses has the same meaning. God confirms that every word and every verse in the Quran has been perfected and thus there are is nothing coincidental in the Quran:

[11:1] A.L.R. This is a book whose verses have been perfected.

Consequently, part of the punishment for theft according to the Most Merciful is to mark or make a visible cut in the hand of the offender so as to shame him in front of the people. This social humiliation is part of the deterrent.


But this is not all! If causing a cut in the hand of the thief were the only punishment then it would not in many cases not be sufficient deterrent to stop the thief from re-offending.

The second course of action decreed in the Quran for the one who commits theft is based on the law of equivalence:

[5:45] And We decreed for them in it that a life for a life, an eye an the eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth and equivalence regarding wounds. If one forfeits what is due to him as a charity, it will atone for his sins. Those who do not rule by what God has brought down are the unjust.

By virtue of the law set out by God for equivalence in 5:45, a thief who robs another person should be made to compensate the victim by working for him till the victim is fully paid for all damage incurred.

Simply going to prison will not compensate the victim in any way!

So for example, the thief who is convicted of stealing a thousand dollars from you must work for you until you are fully paid for the thousand dollars you lost, plus any other damage and inconvenience the theft may have caused you.

This Quranic solution maintains justice for all, the thief's innocent wife and children are not deprived of their man or the income he brings home to the family. Moreover, the expensive prison system in this case is eliminated.


God, the Most Merciful, does not cause any person to be punished for the sins of another (6:164). Severing the hand of the thief would permanently deprive him of his livelihood and as a result, his family and dependants would experience hardship for no fault of theirs!

God’s law is fair and God’s wisdom is unequalled.

Applying the correct punishment for theft would give the offender the opportunity to repent and reform after the full punishment is completed and the victim has been compensated.


Severing the hand of the thief constitutes a life-long punishment that cannot be reversed should the offender genuinely wish to repent and reform.

In all the Quran, there are no life-long punishments! Even the punishment of adultery, which is considered one of the greatest sins, is not a life-long punishment.

The reason that there are no life-long punishments in the Quran is simply because God being the Most Merciful accepts the repentance of all who repent sincerely and reform. A life-long punishment would violate the concept of someone being forgiven. A forgiven person has no further punishment, but a man with a severed hand is punished for the rest of his life, even if he repents and reforms!

God gives us in the very next verse (5:39) further conclusive evidence for the correct meaning of the punishment for theft.

[5:39] Then whoever repents after his transgression, and reforms, God redeems him. God is Forgiver, Merciful.

In 5:39 God says that He will ‘yatoob’ (redeem) all those who repent and reform. The verse ends with the words God is Forgiver, Merciful. When God ‘yatoob’ (redeems) any person, forgives him (Forgiver) and grants him His mercy (Merciful), this means that this person is no longer punished.

Needless to say, a person with a severed arm will have a life-long punishment that cannot be reversed and thus can never be free of his punishment!

Those who insist on claiming that the punishment of theft is to sever the hand of the thief are therefore those who reject God’s infinite mercy.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.

How to renew Malaysian Passport Online

Recently, the Malaysian Immigration department has re-initiate their online Passport renewal service to ease the traffic flow that they encountered at their offices over the last couple of months. Yes, I was one of those guys and girls who lined up from early in the morning just to get my passport renewed. I didn't mind actually as the service in their Jalan Duta (it's in Hartamas, opposite Publika to be more exact) was pretty fast and I got mine done in 2 hours (because I decide to go for a walk rather than wait at the counter).

If you still want to get one done over the counter, head to those departments outside of the city or head to the Jalan Duta office as the lines are constantly moving even when their system is down. A friend went all the way to Lumut and got his done in less than an hour (but then he was back there to visit his family anyway). We can't travel if the passport is less than 6 months to expiry so might as well sort it out before it's too late, rather than to panic at the last minute when you have to travel and realize the passport is expiring or expired.

For those that want to do it online, you can do now by visiting https://eservices.imi.gov.my/myimms/myPassport?type=26&lang=en. It's pretty straight forward, Before you go into the site to renew, just bring a thumb drive, head to the nearest photo studio/shop and get your passport photo taken, you don't have to print them out but save a digital copy (jpeg) so you can attach that to your application.

Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit. Fee for passport is as follows:
 i. Normal Application 13 -59 years old : RM 200
 ii. Senior Citizen (60 years and above) : RM100

Applicant must present him/herself at the Immigration office for collection of his/her passport. No representative is allowed. Applicant must bring their Identity Card, existing passport and receipt from the online registration. The online renewal process is only for those that is renewing with an existing passport with the microchip, if you are still using the old passport without any chips OR is replacing a stolen/damaged passport, you will still have to walk in and do it the manual way. Also, you have to be present yourself and not asked a representative to collect on your behalf (If you're below 18, go with your guardian/parents).

At present, you can only get the passport from four states and two Urban Transformation Centres (UTC) that is listed in the online application portal. So choose wisely, you wouldn't want to end up traveling to different states just to get a passport when you can collect it down the road. Yup, that's about it, simple, just go into the site, a couple of clicks here and there and you're done. Good luck and Happy Traveling!

PS: Do the online passport renewal only if you're not in a rush to get a new passport, as it was only recently 'relaunched', we are not sure how long it takes for you to get a new passport from the time of application to time of issuing. Better be safe than sorry.

The Malaysia - Merdeka Debate

There are some who argue that 2016 is Malaysia’s 53rd and not 59th Anniversary. There are also those who argue that Merdeka Day should be celebrated on 16th September and not 31st August. Then there are those who say we should have two celebrations — Merdeka Day celebration on 31st August and Malaysia Day celebration on 16th September.

Why not we celebrate Merdeka on 16th February instead? And on 16th February this year we would have celebrated our 74th Anniversary of Merdeka from the British on 16th February 1942 when the Japanese kicked them out. We can also celebrate Federation Day on 1st February and this year would have been the 68th Anniversary of the creation of the Federation of Malaya on 1st February 1948.

Melaka can also celebrate Liberation Day on 15th August and this year would have been the 505th Anniversary of Melaka being liberated from the Sultanate. Anyway, as you can see there are endless possibilities and if the opposition is really bankrupt of issues and need to create issues out of non-issues there are many they can conjure.

Can you imagine the Americans having this same argument as Malaysians? The United States celebrated its Bicentennial or 200th Anniversary of its Independence on Sunday, 4th July 1976. That was basically the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Last month they celebrated their 240th Anniversary.

Do you know that when the United States was created on 4th July 1776 there were only 13 states? It was not until 3rd January 1959 and 21st August 1959 that Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th state respectively. Arizona and New Mexico joined in 1912 and Oklahoma in 1907. New York joined in 1788 and was not part of the original 13 states. Texas became a member of the United States in 1845 and California in 1850.

So, if based on the arguments that Malaysians put forward, Independence Day for the United States is not the 4th of July and the United States is not 240 years old this year. Different states would celebrate their independence on different dates and no two states would celebrate it on the same day, not even the original 13 states of the United States.

But then all Americans anywhere in the world celebrate the 4th of July as their Independence Day although Texans may have a second celebration on the 2nd of March when the Republic of Texas became independent from Mexico in 1836. But now the Republic of Texas is just one of the 50 states in the United States and Texas does not claim to be equal to the United States instead of just a ‘downgraded’ state in the United States after just nine years as a Republic.

Is this why Americans are more progressive than Malaysians who waste so much time arguing about whether Merdeka should be celebrated on 31st August or 16th September and whether Malaysia is 59 or 53 years old? Then we argue about whether Malaysia is a Secular State and if so then why is Islam the ‘official’ religion of the country and why do we have two legal systems, one for Muslims and another for non-Muslims?

The point is the supporters from both sides of the fence love arguing and if they have nothing to argue about they will create something. On 31st August 1957, Tunku Abdul Rahman declared Merdeka and that is when it happened. The same goes for the 13 states of America on 4th July 1776 that has now grown to 50 states and all 50 states celebrate 4th July as their Independence Day — even Hawaii, the last state that joined on 21st August 1959.

Originally written by RPK.


Personally, I see 31st August as the day when Malaya achieve independence from the British rule with our Tunku declaring Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka to the loud cheer from the masses. And thus, despite the government effort to encourage people to start using Hari Kebangsaan on the day, I would still call it our Merdeka celebration.

As for the 16th of September? That would in fact be the Hari Kebangsaan, that's the date the country truly got united as Malaysia with the inclusion of the Borneo island.

Does it matter that we celebrate 2 different days that "represent the same thing"? No, it doesn't matter at all, at the end of the day, it's just a commemorative date to remember the country's history in coming together to become Malaysia, it doesn't affect us in the current age whether Independence day is celebrated on the 31st or Malaysia day is celebrated on the 16th, life still goes on, we still have a battle to fight to bring Malaysia as a country to a bigger height.

With all the dramas that is affecting the country, why not look at the bigger picture? Look at today, to me, every day, yesterday, today, tomorrow, it's all a celebration and a battle. A celebration because we as a nation is peaceful as a whole while we read news of countries around us that is always with some form of fight. A Battle because as a nation, we still have a long way to go. The country has grown stagnant over the last couple of years, technologically, the country is advancing but yet, the country is suffering from brain drain. Why not stop this bickering and look at what better way to move forward, help the country to go forward to a bigger plateau and strive for another milestone that is in the country's agenda? 2020 is just around the corner, how many things in the Vision 2020 that the government put forth all those years ago has been achieved? How many is still unresolved?

So 31st August, Independence Day aka Merdeka, 16th September, Hari Malaysia. 2 Celebration, 2 holidays, you have a problem with having 2 extra holidays in our calendar? If no, then let's get on with our task at hand and stop bickering about it already.

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