Rights of Motorists to Claim Damages from PLUS Malaysia

Did you know that motorists can make claim for damages from PLUS Malaysia Bhd if your vehicle was damaged due to negligence on their part. Case in point would be damages from stones or foreign objects (damaged tires, wood, animal carcasses and so on) that is scattered on the highway. This happened a lot near construction sites where they are refurbishing the surface, I've had 1 bad experience at the stretch between Kota Damansara and the Jalan Duta stretch.

If you experienced such an incident where your bumper or windscreen got damaged due to the foreign objects/stones, make a call to PLUS to lodge a complaint (you can call their toll free number at 1800 88 0000 or use one of the emergency phones on the highway) and you will be directed to the nearest Toll Plaza to file a report. Also, file a police report at the nearby station if the toll plaza does not have a police beat base.

The PLUS Ronda team will then take photos of the damage and your toll receipt (even if you are using the Touch & Go, you can request for a receipt) as it indicates the entry and exit point, your driving license and identification card to be used as part of the claim process.

Don't expect to get your claim immediately as it does take time, you will still have to bring your own vehicle to a service center to repair at own expense (if you have insurance for the windscreen, that will save you some cash). Once your vehicle has been repaired, submit your receipt from the service center along with the report, toll receipt, photos of the vehicle (before and after repair), a copy of the vehicle registration card as well as your insurance policy to PLUS at any one of their offices. Yes, they won't let you get the cash from them that easily but if you have all the documentation from the time you exit the toll plaza until your submission, there should not be a problem.

You will receive a cheque (estimated) with the compensation within a month after you file the paperwork at their office. You can also read about their claim procedures at their website. PLUS has the rights to reject your claim if they suspect that there's some foul play in the claim (after all, they have cameras everywhere so they can check if your vehicle was truly damaged on the highway.

Hope this information helps.

Michael Yip

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  1. Yup tqvm for the advice.i have another issue in PLUS highway too, there are so many portholes which not been repair along Subang till Tg.Malim mostly the 2 left lanes. These holes easily could damage the suspension arms and tyres. Paying toll for damaging our own car/vehicle.