Post Race: 2016 P1 AquaX Malaysia Series Round 2 Race Results

21 riders goes into Round 2 of the P1 AquaX Malaysia series at D’Island Residence, Puchong with plenty to fight for across the Sprint and Enduro series. The riders also had to adapt to a flatter water surface and a larger course here in Puchong. Because of the flat characteristic of the pond at Puchong, the riders get to concentrate on pushing for faster speed and agility at the corners.

On Saturday, in the Enduro 300hp category, Mohd Faez Mohd Noor put the disappointment of not finishing his first race in Kepong behind him with an impressive victory in his first race here at Puchong to take an early lead atop the point standings.

The 22-year-old finished ahead of second placed Lim Hong Hao and last round’s champion Bryan Chia, who had to settle for third.

In the Enduro 200 class, 47-year-old Christopher Keasberry of Brunei once again dominated the field to take a lead atop the standings after one race. He is trailed by Mohamed Suffian bin Saidi in second place and Mohd Danial Mohd Shariff in third.

Mohd Danial Mohd Shariff also starred in the Sprint Spark class, continuing his fine form from the first round in Kepong with victories in both of his category’s races today.

After two races, the 19-year-old leads by 6 points in the standings for Round 2, ahead of Saifullah Nazar, who finished second in both races, and Hussien Mohd Said, who placed fourth in the first race and third in the second.

Sunday kicked off with the riders getting briefed on the day's race in the rain but the sky quickly cleared as the 1st race of the day was about to get under way. In the Enduro 300, Mohamad Faez Mohamad Noor completed a clean sweep of victories in all three of the Enduro Class races to emerge champion in the Enduro 300 category as well as take home this weekend’s Enduro Cup.

“I’m very happy and a little bit speechless. I have been training very hard every weekend and whenever I am not working, so it’s a good feeling to win. I am appreciative to my family and AquaX and all those who have supported me,” said the 23-year-old.

Second place in the Enduro 300 category this weekend went to last round’s champ Bryan Chia while Lim Hong Hao, who finished in second place last round, had to settle for third place.

In the Enduro 200 category, Brunei’s Christopher Keasberry took top honours for the second round in a row with a clean sweep of victories in all three of this weekend’s races. The 47-year-old remains undefeated in all six races over the two rounds. Second place for the second round in a row was Mohamed Suffian bin Saidi, while Mohamed Danial Mohamed Shariff took the final podium spot in the Enduro 200 category.

In the Sprint Spark category, Saifullah Nazar finally managed to overcome rival Mohd Danial Mohd Shariff to win the first race of the day. He also finished second in the second race to amass a total of 71 points and emerge the Round 2 champion by a close margin of just two points.

“I’m very happy because this is my first big victory. The race here was a bit different because the track here is bigger and therefore the water is less choppy while racing. I hope to get top position again in Round 3,” said the 24-year-old, who has been racing jet skis for the last eight years.

Coming in second place in the Sprint Spark category was Round 1 champ Mohd Danial, with Raja Nazrin Shah taking third place on 60 points.

With 1 more round to go, Bryan Chia and Mohamed Faez are the clear front-runners to take home the title and are looking forward to a final showdown on the 10 & 11 of December. For those looking for photos from the event, that'll be in the next post, along with a helmet cam from the 3rd race in the Sprint Spark category. Experience what it's like racing in the Spark race by watching the video from a racer's perspective.

Michael Yip

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