ELS launched the CNY Most Wanted Kitchen Challenge 2017

Was present when the ELS Group launched the CNY Most Wanted Kitchen Challenge 2017, a web reality series focused around the search for the best home cooks for the 2017 Chinese New Year. The web production will be done by RedBoy Productions and they are opening the registration when they do their on ground road shows (selected ELS group dealer's outlets) across Malaysia.

From what I understood, participants register themselves at the road shows, get votes via the web series (that'll be on ELS' facebook page), and 6 finalists will be picked to compete i the grand finale at Jaya Shopping Centre on the 8th of January. The judges will be the head of ELS Group and culinary expert, Agnes Chan.

The prizes are pretty attractive too, 10 hampers for Facebook voters, RM388 for the 3 finalists that didn't win the top prizes, RM688 for 3rd place, RM1,388 for the 2nd place and the winner walks home with RM3,888.

To participate is pretty simple, just buy any ELS products and register at the roadshow counters. When I spoke to Redboy Production, they told me that they'd even go to the homes of the participants to help record the cooking process so it'll look professional. From what I understand, you don't even have to use their full range of products in your cooking, just use at least 1 of their products as part of your cooking would do.

50% of the scores will be given by the judges and the other 50% is by votes. In a way, the participants' supporters play a big part in getting the participant(s) to get into the finale. And in the finale, the 6 finalists will be given a random menu and RM100 to buy their ingredients and cook. Pretty fair because they can't plan ahead.

Looking at the prize, maybe I can take part as well? But then, getting the votes is pretty hard for me. Even the interpretation of the menu will pose a problem for me as I'm not that imaginative when it comes to cooking.


Michael Yip

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