Girls finds the 'DAD BOD' a turn-on, says Yale Professor

According to this Newsweek report,  Richard G. Bribiescas, Professor of Anthropology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Yale says that women are actually more attracted to the so-called "Dad Bod," marked by lower testosterone levels, less muscle mass and more fat.

In fact, his research claims guys in this slightly huskier category are less likely to suffer from heart attacks and prostate cancer.

That's not to say you should let yourself go. But from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense. We don't have to kill mammoths or fight for caves anymore. Survival of the species is more about being faithful husbands and better fathers who stick around.

In 2015, reports referencing the “dad bod” phenomenon started to emerge. The message came loud and clear: beer bellies are in, biceps are out. It has since become a term to describe the figure of a man with children who looks as though he balances midweek gym sessions with drinking heavily on the weekends.

“This change in body consumption not only causes men to shop for more comfortable pants but also facilitates increased survivorship and, hypothetically, a hormonal milieu that would more effectively promote and support paternal investment.

Michael Yip

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