Photos: MURFEST2016

The MURFEST 2016 has come and gone, over 3 days of activities of Yoga, Fitness, Music and Dance roll into 1 venue, I would say has helped me reset myself. I didn't go for any of the yoga activities (too slow and peaceful for me), but just the fact that I can catch up with some friends, reconnect with some of the activities (didn't expect to do a lot of dancing which I did by the end of the event) and finding myself again by talking to some of the attendees. It was quite... enlightening.

When Azzy asked me to check out the event, that was the last thing that I really thought of, in my head, aside from the dance bits, I thought that I'd be bored by the end of the 1st hour after I get there but I have to say, I was wrong and glad that I'm wrong about it. I didn't snap as much photos as some friends expected but these are what I've captured at the event.

Amar Singh of Dance Blaze Academy also did a few workshops at the event and since I was there, recorded the practice videos to share so here they are.

Thanks to some of the people I met there, the good hours of chats that is pretty fantastic, some pretty frank discussion about what's happening around us and what we can do or isn't doing enough to reset the energy to make our life better. There's no judgement and no ridiculing but a lot of great acceptance. Next one? Maybe? We'll see how it goes...

Michael Yip

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