Photos + Video: 2016 P1 AquaX Malaysia Series Round 2 (D'Island Residence, Puchong)

The P1 AquaX Malaysia Round 2 came and gone, what an exciting weekend of racing by the respective racers at the competition. The competition was faster than Round 1 as the calmer lake encourage a faster speed and the riders can push their jet skis to the limit compared to the choppy lake at Metropolitan Lake. Didn't take as much photos as the 1st round but here's an interesting view from the helmet cam as we watch the footage from the race, with the racers competing in Race 3 of the Sprint Spark race.

The official photographer of the race managed to capture quite a number of exciting moment and one of it was this exciting battle at Turn 1 during the Enduro race where 2 racers collided.

For the photo album, here they are.

The 3rd Round of the race will also be held at D'Island Residence on the 10th and 11th of December, not sure if I'm going to be there but will post up the results nevertheless when I received them from the organizer come race day.

Michael Yip

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