Video: How To Make The Ramly Burger

From the lady and children that make my favorite Ramly Burger, here's a look at how they prepared it when I have my usual Ramly Chicken Burger Special. It's one of those road side stalls/street food that we can go to at night as most of these stalls are located near to a 7 Eleven or a nearby pub.

That's the best way I could tell you where to hunt for the nearest Ramly Burger stalls, of course not all 7Eleven shops would have such a stall but they are usually around. You can also tell them the way you like the burger and in some places, they not only have the beef and chicken burgers but also lamb, rabbit and deer meat.

It's that simple but somehow, the stalls are the ones that can make it the way I like it, tried to do it myself at home but it doesn't turn out as great. How about you? How do you like your Ramly Burger made?

Michael Yip

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