1 Day 3 Meals in Kuantan, Pahang

Just want to do something different from the usual food review, instead of writing an elaborated review of a single restaurant/cafe, here's a summarized version of the 3 meals I had when I was in Kuantan. Hence the title, 1 Day 3 Meals. This is just going to be especially for meals where I didn't order a lot of variety of dishes but just what I ate.

Now, there's no advance planning for what I'm going to eat for the day, the plan is just to reach, drive around a bit to look at the various locations around town and see which one to go for. Of course, as the day tick away, I had to also put a shout out in Social Media for some hint of places to go, as it's a Monday, I know it'll be tough for me to hunt for pork dishes.

Kicking off the day, for breakfast, I head to Restoran T&L, seems it's quite a popular place in the evening but during the day, there's only 1 stall that's open and their poached chicken and noodles seem to be a crowd favorite as the flow of people going in throughout the morning was endless. The poached chicken was quite tender and the soy sauce they used compliments the taste and texture of the chicken.

Price wise, pretty cheap. It would have easily cost me RM20 in Kuala Lumpur but here, with 1/4 chicken and a large bowl of Kuey Teow noodle with shredded chicken. It cost me about RM10 which is cheap in comparison. Right?

Restoran T&L
Lorong Seri Kuantan 46,
East Coast Garden, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw29mz2q3w

Food :
Price : 

Lunch time, one of the hardest meal to figure out on a Monday as a lot of shops I went to seem to be closed for the day, eventually, found a place with what I'm looking for at Lot 66 Food Court, I was told that there's quite a number of stalls here that's pretty nice but most of them are closed, so I decide to go for the Chicken Rice with Roast Pork and Barbecue Pork as the side dishes. The Roast Pork's skin are quite crispy and the barbeque despite without much fat is pretty tender. The Roast Chicken are quite nice and the meat is pretty juicy. Again, like the noodle shop in T&L, they are pretty generous with the soy sauce.

Price wise, I ordered portion enough for 2 person and the price is equivalent to the amount we pay for a single person's meal. Pretty cheap if we want to compare to Kuala Lumpur's price which is good.
Lot66 肥佬生煲肉骨茶.
Lot 66, Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz, Pahang, Kuantan
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw29mxmgq5

Food :
Price : 

For dinner, a friend recommended me to go check out Oui Chef that's just around the corner (5 minutes drive) from the hotel I'm staying in and that's where I went for dinner. Been having noodles and rice for both breakfast and lunch, might as well go western for dinner. Right?

I ordered the Beef Strip Loin steak and a Chocolate Shake. According to the waiter, these are one of their more popular dishes. I'll write a separate post on the various dishes I ordered at the place but for now, it's about the main dish.

I asked for Medium Rare and that's what was served, Temperature was just right with a nice sear, the meat is juicy and is pretty much on par with most of the western restaurant of the same price bracket in KL.  In terms of price, it's similar to what we would order in KL, after eating all those cheaper than KL food during the day, to pay the price similar to what I'd pay in Kuala Lumpur felt a bit weird.

Oui Chef Restaurant
Lorong Seri Kuantan 79,
East Coast Garden, 25250 Kuantan
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw29mz2q3w

Food :
Price : 

At the end of the day, I was pretty filled, with all the sitting down during meetings and the 3 meals, I'm expanding sideways again after taking considerable amount of time slimming down last year. Oh well, guess I'll have to start again .... After Chinese New Year.

What do you think? Should I do more of this kind of post at the various locations I go to? Do let me know by commenting below.

Michael Yip

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