Reporting Lost MyKad or Passport via Online for Klang Valley Folks

For people in the Klang Valley looking for faster ways to lodge police reports for non-criminal cases such as lost identity cards or passports can do so online now. The Online Police Reporting System, which is available at, means complainants no longer have to go to the police station to make a report. E-reporting is open for Malaysians aged 18 and above.

“In 2015 and 2016, 80% to 90% of reports lodged in Kuala Lumpur involved people losing their IC or passports, misplacing handphones, and runaway maids,” said City police chief Comm Datuk Amar Singh. "E-reporting would make the process easier for these people."

“There was positive response, so we decided to expand it to the whole contingent in Kuala Lumpur. “Perhaps in the future, it will be open for the whole country,”

Besides e-reporting, there is also the Online Checking System at, which allows people who have lodged police reports to check the progress of their case.

What about those of you who wants to apply for Replacement of lost Identity Card (MyKad Or MyPR)? You can use JPN's portal to do it at

I tested it over the weekend as the chip on my MyKad is faulty but there was a bit of bounced connection from the site. Hopefully they will improve on the backend to keep up with the incoming traffic.

Michael Yip

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