Do's & Don't's of Social Dancing - Social Dance Etiquette

Recently, we have been getting reports of some guys taking advantage of the ladies while on the social dance floors, predominantly the newer dancers to the social dancing scene. Sure accidental moves do happen on the dance floor but when the person is doing it on purpose, that's a big No No.

With that in mind, just thought I'd put up a list of Social Dance Do's and Don'ts or Social Dance Etiquette that friends/dancers should keep in mind. These are basically mantras instructors drill into all new students when we first started dancing, so it's nothing new, but after a while, there's a need to have some reminder. Right? If you feel that I left out any, do add on by commenting below.


  • Lead or escort your partner onto the dance floor and off (at the end of the dance)
  • Dance the entire song - unless you feel uncomfortable, then you can and have the rights to excuse yourself. (especially the ladies)
  • Smile and look at your partner when dancing! It's a social dance, not a job.
  • Stay hydrated - Drink more water, we wouldn't want you to collapse half way into the night because you forgot to drink water.
  • CHANGE your clothes if you know you are going to sweat a lot! Your partner doesn't want to cling onto a sweaty person throughout the whole song, especially when there's close-holds involved.
  • Ask people you don't know to dance, social dance is a good way to make new friends and grow as a dancer. Why dance with the same people you dance with at class when you can experience a different way to lead/follow a new dancer and make new friends at the same time?
  • Respect Personal Space! - Not all followers are comfortable with the lead dancing too closed to her. Respect the follower's space and let her enjoy the dance. She'll definitely come around to look for you to dance again later.
  • Pay Attention to other dancers on the floor - You're not competing for space, you are not the only one dancing on the floor. Watch where you are going, watch where your hands is flying so you don't knock into other dancers or get stomped on when you get into other people's space.
  • Thank the partner at the end of the dance - Be courteous.
  • At the end of the night, if you know the lady came alone, Do Walk Her To Her Vehicle! Be a Gentleman, a lady will respect you more if you just take a bit of your time to walk her to her vehicle. Especially in venues that's dark/quiet.


  • Don't reject a dance - We are there to dance after all, and most dancers will try to dance with as many dancers as they can through the night. Unless the person is a creep or you are uncomfortable with the person. There are always situation where you should say No.
  • Dont Judge - Everyone was a beginner once, so were you. Don't judge a person just because he/she doesn't know as much style/steps/moves as you. Remember, you were in their shoes once.
  • Don't be offended - It's nothing personal, there are occasion when a dancer turns you down. They might have danced for a few songs straight and needed a break.
  • Don't be intimidated - You might see other dancers executing impressive moves while you only have what you learn in the studio, be confident and try out those moves! The dance floor is the best way to practice what you learn and like the old saying goes, Practice Makes Perfect.
  • Don't take advantage - This is the serious one. You might think that a person is new to the scene and you try to be cheeky and take advantage of the person. You'd be surprise that people are watching what's happening on the dance floor, words will get around if you did something offensive and you can't blame people if they start avoiding you. Social Dance Night organizers HAVE THE RIGHTS to Reject you or Ban you from the venue(s) when there's enough complains from other dancers.

Do remember that social dancing is a great way make new friends, to meet up with fellow dancers/friends after a long day of work and great form of exercise, it's not a meat market and it's not a place for you to hunt for preys. Do unto others what you want others to do to you. 

Michael Yip

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