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On a recent visit to Bali, I stayed in Canggu, slightly away from the usual tourist haunts as I was also involved with the Latin Experience Bali and the studio that is hosting the workshop is located about 15min walk from where I stayed. The venue of choice is this Resort/Guest House named Grandpa. Yup, kid you not. It's Grandpa Resort. To find the place is quite tricky too as the road turning into the area is like a small back lane stretch but it opens up to a wider space with paddy field to the left and right.

Of course, tourist development would take a foothold of the area as that's one of the island's main source of income and guest houses and villas sprout up left, right and center. There's not much signs along the road that indicate that you've arrived at the guest house. Even the one at the entrance of the road is tiny. If you intend to drive to the Guesthouse, it's safer to go by Bike. Taxi/Grab/Uber that goes in there had to navigate their way out of the road in reverse. Not an easy feat to do, especially at night with no lights lighting the path. Hopefully, as the Guest House improves itself, they will light up the road as well.

There's limited rooms in the Guest House, by my estimate, about 20 rooms are available? There are several tourists there that's on long-stay so if you plan to stay for months, can always ask them for a special rate. The staff are quite accommodating so they sorted out my check-in in quite a quick manner.

The area looks clean but then, they do have a few housekeeping staff constantly roaming around cleaning the garden area when the guests are not ready for them to clean the rooms. There's also a pool in front of the entrance/reception area and just below it is the cafe area where our breakfast are prepared. Didn't get to chill in the pool though as the only time I was at Grandpa was to sleep and recharge my equipment. But overall, the place feels comfortable to relax in, felt like I was staying in a private villa with my own team of servants. As the staff was always around when you need to ask them something or request for things.

The rooms are huge! For a single person to stay in there. It's even bigger than my room back home. Comfortable bed, plenty of lights coming into the room thanks to the floor to ceiling window but the walls are not that thick so what happens in the next room, if the volume is slightly high, can be heard in the room. Only thing I'm not so sure about is the pillow, not sure how often they change the pillow cases between guests so even though it was comfortable, I had to drop the rating as 1 of the 2 pillows had smell of sweat.


The wash basin is located within the room itself but that is ok, especially when the ones in the room are the one using it and you are not expecting to have crowd of people in the room. The toilet itself is quite spacious, strong shower but of the 4 nights I was there, the 1st 2 days, the hot water heater did not work so it can be a bit torturous especially after a long day out and you want to have a nice hot shower to relax the body before bed. Other than that little problem, it served the purpose it was build. 


Overall, the place is quite nice, beautifully designed, cozy as there's only limited rooms and waking up to sunrise across the paddy field is also wonderful for a change. Price wise, the rates when I got the place is quite reasonable too. But because there's so many other villas and guest houses in the area, if I were to be in Canggu area again for work, I might not stay in Grandpa again and check out the other GH or Villas around the area.

If you are feeling adventurous and know how to ride a bike, you can also rent a bike at the reception area. I didn't ask about the price as I had my own car to drive around while I was in Bali. Well, it's been a long time since I last been to Bali, there's so much changes over the years and so many places yet to be rediscovered that I do hope to travel back there again soon, to visit friends and to check out more places. in the beautiful island.

Grandpa Resort Bali

Gg. IV No.2, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 822-3618-3607

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