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A friend decide that we should have a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday and I decided on a nice romantic place for it. Well, that was the hope. When we got there, there was 2 big groups celebrating birthdays at the same time and it got pretty noisy after awhile. But the restaurant itself is nice and cozy and we believe that it would have been a nice quiet dinner if not for the celebrations.

The menu was simple, which is great as we don't have to flip through pages just to decide on what to eat. So choosing what we want for dinner was easy.

To start off the dinner, we ordered the Truffle, King Mushroom, Maitake, Mushroom Broth, a clear broth with a strong earthy scent. The mushrooms are fresh and crunchy to the bite but as a person that's not into mushroom, it didn't appeal to me. But a restaurant doesn't produce food to cater to a single person's taste bud, right? If you're a fan of mushroom, definitely give it a try.


My friend ordered the Wild Mushroom Pasta with fresh autumn truffle. The cream isn't too heavy and the pasta is just at the perfect texture. Portion wise, if you are a small eater, and you ordered the dish as a main course, then share as there was plenty to go around. We shared this plate of pasta and couldn't finish, but then, maybe  because I also had another dish for dinner.


Yup, this is what I ordered, 450g of Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs. The 450g made it look like a huge thing but it isn't. Beautifully roasted but the flesh take a bit of effort to be removed from the bones though. Maybe because I've been eating ribs that just melts in your mouth that I forgot how much of a fight it takes to do this. The glaze on the meat itself is beautifully caramelized and doesn't need any additional sauces or dips to go with the meat. Personally, wish the pork ribs to be bigger but then, I'm a huge pork person and a small rib like this is never enough. 


Before the starters arrive though, we had these House Baked Breads, smokey and crunchy.

And these caramelized potato chips. Pretty addictive stuff simply because it is at the right sweetness and the inside was soft to the bite.

Will definitely visit the place again for another meal at a more quieter time. At least to enjoy the night because this trip, by the time we were done with our meal and planned to sit around and chat over a bottle of wine was spoiled by the noise of the party.

Yes, for a man who spend a lot of his time in loud music environment, there are more days than not that I prefer a quiet time to unwind and have a nice conversation. Especially in a cozy environment like Stoke. Price wise, it is a tad on the pricey side but I don't state the price of the meals I eat as I always believe that if you want to eat, be certain that you can afford to pay for it.


120-122, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2096-1645
Opening Hours: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Waze: https://waze.com/ul/hw283c78u9





It's the row behind Victoria Station / El Sid's ... Below Vintry.

Note: Since a lot of friends asked whether I get sponsored food for reviews. Meals was not sponsored, we pay for our own meal so that I write the review based on what I feel and not hampered by the restaurant's need to have the review done in a positive manner. Photos taken on this page was shot using my old smartphone. 

Michael Yip

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