My Experience with AstraZeneca Vaccine Dose #2

 Finally, the time for the 2nd dose is near. Following my previous post on the 1st dose. Decide to do a follow-up on the 2nd dose and what I experience from start to end.

2nd Dose day!

Just thought I'd add more on this since there's a lot of people who uploaded videos of the doctors not actually administering the vaccine, please ask the doctor to show you the bottle and syringe. Watch them closely when they stab you so you know that they really administered the vaccine properly. I've also attached a video of the example below.

Sorry for the distraction but now, back to the regular programming

Post-Vaccination Experience

PS: My friends and I are raising funds and collection essentials for some old folks homes along with the #BenderaPutih initiative that is sweeping Malaysia. If you'd love to contribute, let me know. Poster of the activity is as below...

Michael Yip

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