Lao Mao Cafe @ Megah Rise Mall

Some places have such great vibe and positive energy that just gets us returning often. Lao Mao is one of them. Since the day they open, we have been visiting Maryanne and her sister. Sometimes, for food, sometimes, just to  chill by the balcony with our nuggets. Bonus for us is, it's bloody close to home so sometimes, it's just an excuse for me to walk my dog just to come hang out.

It's a pet friendly café located on the 1st floor of Megah Rise Mall just beside Mr. DIY. Only problem is, there's no direct access to the cafe so it's the only time you'll see dogs going into the mall as we have to walk through the mall to the café.

Not a paid review, in fact, don't think they knew I do reviews, but my verdicts on the food is very bias as this is one of our favourite place. You've been informed!

Portion looks deceiving as we get pampered by the sisters, usual amount is slightly smaller. 😝

One of our usual order is the Assam Laksa. It's just as nice as the Sarawak Laksa but Assam Laksa is our Jam. Especially after a long tough day of work. Just a nice bowl of boost to make everything feel all right again.

I'd dare to say that after we discovered the Assam Laksa here, we hardly go back to O&S Seapark for the Assam Laksa fix. So that's who we are comparing with when it comes to this dish. It's 5 out of 5 for me.


Nasi Lemak fans, if you're looking for authentic nasi lemak, this would not be it. But for me, personally, I love it. The fragrant rice is cooked in a healthier way so you won't get the strong whiff of the usual nasi lemak smell but the rice is cooked to the right consistency. They have 2 choices of add-ons, the curry chicken (that comes with big chunky potatoes) and the fried chicken. 

For me, I prefer to have both hence you see 2 type of chicken served in the picture. The sambal is nyonya style so it gives you a different kick compared to the usual sambal we get with the usual nasi lemak.

It's 4 out of 5 for me just because occasionally, I do miss the smell of the usual nasi lemak smell. 


Fans of sour dough, this is for you! Freshly made sourdough with a variety of serving, you can get it whole, or get some of the usual fares, my favourites are the Truffle Butter Sourdough and the Smoked Salmon Sourdough. 

You can also switch to croissants if you're not a fan of the sourdough. 

They also have a variety of pastries aside from sourdough to choose from too. There's a few that are my favourite but don't intend to share it here because it's mine!! All mine!!!!

It's 4 out of 5 for me just because .... I can't eat some of their cheese cakes.


Fresh Sourdough being made daily, mesmerizing cause get to watch the whole process live! 

All in all, it's a small quaint cafe that gives you a very homely atmosphere. And we see more and more regular customers enjoying the place as much as we do. 

Best time to visit? Early in the morning when they open at 11am or after the lunch rush. Place gets packed during lunch and dinner. On occasion, they even ran out of food before dinner but unlike many commercial brands and cafes, Lao Mao is still operated by Maryanne and the sister. And for 2 lovely ladies, there's only that much they can do. 

Sometimes, feel bad also seeing that they have to handle so many things, from cooking to serving and to cleaning. Whenever we can, we also land a helping hand so if you see a big size dude clumsily cleans after the tables, just come and say hi! 


L1-16, Level One, Megah Rise Mall,
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +613-380-8383
Opening Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Monday to Friday)

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm (Saturday and Sunday)





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