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Beauty In The World Of Muay Thai
Just reviving an old post that I thought would be nice to have, during my visit to Rajadamnern Stadium, aside from watching fights beside the ring, I got to know quite a number of people who works behind the scene to make each fight night at the stadium a success. One in particular is a petite young lady working in one of the top position in the stadium. It's not unheard of but in a sports that is predominantly dominated by men in both the ring and in office, to see a young lady there breaking the glass ceiling is totally refreshing.

After my trip, I kept in touch with her and got to talking about her life in the industry and why she picked this career path when there's so many others out there to choose from. Here's what she has to say.

1. Can you introduce yourself (your name and what you do at Rajadamnern)?
  • My name is Sara, short for Sasirada, my Thai name which is hardly for foreigners to pronounce. I am the Chief Marketing Officer or CMO at Rajadamnern Stadium taking care of Marketing and PR stuffs.

2. How did you come about working at Rajadamnern Stadium?
  • I was recommended by one of my senior who knows the stadium owner. He was looking for a person who can bring the stadium forward to the new generation with new marketing strategies and tools. I had an interview with him and he asked me on that day "How soon can you start working with us?" :) Long story short, I've been with Rajadamnern since December 2013

3. How does it feel to work in such a male dominated work environment? Especially for a girl as young as you.
  • I shall say it's really challenge but fun. I started with no idea on how to communicate with those male boxers or even officers at the stadium and as you know, most of them are men. But I also start learning, to listen, and put myself in their position, accept the differences and apply  feminine roles to make strong situation softer. Respect them and getting them to respect back was really a challenge though. I need to work harder to make things happen and gain more reliability and confidence to make the board members support me and accept the new ideas to make the stadium and Muay Thai grow.

4. What is the most interesting event that you’ve witness at the stadium?
  • There was a fight in August 2014 which was the biggest fight I have ever seen here. The stadium was filled with about 5,000 audiences. The ambiance of fans and gamblers was very exciting and it was pretty cool when you have witness each victory and lost and the reflection of the results on the spectators expression. The action of the hand signs when gamblers place their bets and Cheering their boxers to win was absolutely amazing. Actually, every time I come to the stadium, I am always excited to observe the gambler and honestly, I think I'm beginning to understand the hand signs that they used to communicate.

5. Do you still get excited for the fights or you prefer not to watch and work in the office?
  • I'm always happy to catch the fights whenever I'm at the stadium.  There's always new developments, new discoveries, new faces, the unpredictable situation on the boxing stage every time I watch the fights, this is why Muay Thai is charming.
6. Beside yourself, is there any other girls working at the stadium? What are the usual roles taken up by you all?
  • We have many girls working as a accountant, secretary, admins and etc. They run the a daily work which is more related to the documentation and office related stuffs.

7. What’s your most memorable experience working in the stadium.
  • Every single experience is a memorable here, sometimes shit happens but we need to solve it. Sometime it's really stressful because it might effect the stadium reputation but we can surpass it and make things work so the bad can be turned into something good.

8. If you are given an opportunity, what will you do to improve the atmosphere and fights at the stadium?
  • I wish i could have a theater seat with 4D motion for audiences, hahahah...

9. Any advice you would like to give to tourists visiting Rajadamnern Stadium? The Dos and Donts and what they should prepare.
  • The Dos is buy ringside ticket because it is the best way to experience Muay Thai closely.
  • The dont is don't be shy to walk to the backstage (For Ringside ticket holders) to take photos with these Muay Thai Fighters because you will never know when they might become the most powerful and well known boxer in the near future.

  • The thing you must not forget is the camera, but smart phone is readily available and everyone is using it, so I shall say smart phones is good enough. Share your experience among your friends through Facebook or Instagram and follow us at FB: rajadamnern and IG: rajadamnern_stadium

Aside from the fights at the stadium, they also have the Muay Thai academy which allows fans and enthusiasts an opportunity to train in the art of Muay Thai with local fighters  at  Rajadamnern Singha Muay Thai Academy. Check them out if you're in Bangkok and is looking for a gym to train during your stay in the city.

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  1. Nice sharing ! If I go Bangkok maybe I should go there and try :D

  2. Its an interesting challenge for woman to work in an environment that at times can be rough my respect

  3. Loving your outfit in the 1st photo <3

  4. Ya i noticed it when we went to bangkok and it was like watching thing in real.

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  8. She is definitely a beauty in Muay Thai! Muay Thai sure is an interesting sport

  9. Tough sport and a woman?! Yes, women can do anything and everything. Kudos!

  10. Seriously I am admire with this young girl! She is really talented and with strong and tough spirit in her job =D

  11. I love Muay Thai and purposely bought vvip ticket for it.Hope got the chance to attend the event too. :)

  12. I haven't watched Muay Thai before in Bangkok. Will buy ticket and see for the next travel ..And this girl can be an inspiration for a lot people especially the girl to do their favourite things~

  13. Wow she is so beautiful! Lucky you, Mike :P good to make friends

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    do drop by... GreenStory

  16. Great interview, women should have the boldness to work in any environment including male dominated ones like this, she's got my respect for sure.

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  18. Wow! I admire gorls that look good at the same time fit and tuff.

  19. This is very interesting. I love Muay Thai and never tot of visiting the authentic and local when I was in Bangkok. Should visit next time. :)


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