Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brunch @ Crave Cafe

Lately, I’ve been visiting Oasis Square in Ara Damansara quite regularly due to appointments. Usually, my meetings are held at the cafes where my client(s) and I can be more relax and have our discussion over a cup of coffee. One of the places I discovered that is quite conducive for meetings and have some pretty good selection of food is Crave Cafe. It’s right next to Mr. & Miss and a few doors away from Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock so it’s not hard to miss.

Usually, I’m at the cafe early so I could run through my proposals and check my emails as well as have an early dose of Latte. What I understood from the staffs is that the beans are from Australia’s Toby’s Estate Coffee. Quite smooth and served at a slightly hotter temperature than the usual latte because I requested for it. Not many people seem to be bothered about the temperature of the latte they ordered but more on the “art” that was done at the top of the cup/glass.

Verdict :

While we go through our meetings, I ordered the Caribbean Chicken Burger, nice juicy chicken patty served with a good amount of crispy fried onion rings and mango. I forgot to tell them I can’t eat cheese so yeah, the burger has some cheese on it but they quickly had it removed before serving me again. Good stuff from friendly staffs. Getting a rating of 3 from me because I felt that the patty’s a bit small, but then I’m just a carnivore hungry for a lot of meat. My client say the portion is actually just nice.

Verdict :

As for drinks, we had the Fruits Smoothies, very refreshing, can taste that there’s no added water or sugar in the smoothies, pure fruit mixtures. They have a few flavors but my preferred one is the Mango Smoothies, it has other fruits in it but predominantly mango. Don’t really know how to describe the taste except that I pretty much enjoyed it.

Verdict :

Hot Americano and Hazelnut Macaron Torte was the last dish I ordered, was told that the Hazelnut Torte is only made available at Crave Cafe and I won’t find it anywhere else. I was also told that the other best seller at the cafe was the Nutella Mille Crepe but I was unlucky as they ran out of it when I was there. Nevertheless, the Hazelnut Torte was nice, sliced easily even with a tiny fork and it holds together nicely without breaking apart. Texture isn’t too creamy and I can taste the hazelnut in every bit.

Verdict :

I’ll definitely be heading there again as I’ve got a few clients there so definitely will try to check out the rest of their menus and try that elusive Nutella Mille Crepe that I never had a chance to try.

Crave Cafe

BG03, Block B, Oasis Square, 7, Jalan PJU 1a/1c,
Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya
Phone: +603-7734-3192
Hours: 7.00am – 7:00pm









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