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Lunch @ Pun Chun Noodle House x Ara Damansara
I’m sure some of you are familiar with the name Pun Chun (品珍酒楼) whenever you drive past Jalan Besar in Bidor, whenever there’s a road trip up north towards Ipoh or Penang, there’ll definitely be a suggestion to drop by that restaurant for their popular Duck Drumstick Noodles or to stock up on chicken biscuit (kai chai peng) and fried egg biscuit(sak kek ma).

Well, I just discovered that they actually had an outlet in Ara Damansara! Not some franchise but operated by the same family that operate the restaurant in Bidor. No need for me to drive an hour up to Bidor just for the noodles! Since discovering the place, I’ve actually dropped by and ate there a couple of times. It’s a typical kopitiam, not as busy as the one in Bidor and if you’re there early, the boss will even come around and have a chat with you. Very friendly chap but wouldn’t budge when I tried to grill him on the recipe for the restaurant’s popular dish.

You can get the usual drinks that is served in a typical kopitiam, my usual fix there are there Iced Coffee and Iced White Coffee. Their Pandan Barley is also quite popular but not a fan as I find it a hassle to drink without taking in any barley that roams the bottom of the glass. But my friends seem to enjoy them so I’m sure it’s good.

The first time I ate there, I ordered the Hakka Fried Pork mee, I’ve always been a fan of the Hakka styled Fried Pork having been brought up by a Hakka Godmother and she made it regularly for me to eat when I grew up. The fried pork is not too fatty so it’s great for those who doesn’t like a lot of fats in their meat. The noodle’s springy but not tough so there’s not much effort in chewing. I’ve tried similar Hakka Noodles in other restaurants and I literally felt like I went through a jaw workout by the end of the meal.



The dish I ordered when I visited the place again was their popular Duck Drumstick Mee (Dry). The texture of the duck is fantastic, the meat falls off the bone easily without much wrestling and you know how hard it is to try and rip meat off bones using just chopsticks and a soup spoon. When I took the drumstick out of the soup onto my noodle, I had to handle it with care so it wouldn’t fall apart during that journey from bowl to plate. The herbal soup is refreshing but isn’t too heavy, even my children finished every last drop off the herbal soup.


Remember I mentioned Hakka Fried Pork earlier? Yup, like it so much that I ordered an additional bowl by itself so I could enjoy it by itself.


Another snack worthy dish is the Fried Wantan, we decide to hang out there for a bit (we were the last one to leave when they closed at 3pm) after lunch and while chatting away catching up on post Chinese New Year activities, we ordered a plate of Fried Wantan to munch on, the wantan skin are fried to a good crunchy texture yet the meat inside are still juicy. Goes well with noodles or just eat it as snacks as it’s served with some dipping sauce.


Definitely a place to go hang out in, after all, I’ve already eaten there a few times over and it’s a good meeting spot between my place and friends that resides in the Subang area.

Pun Chun Noodle House

H-G-21, Block H, Jalan PJU 1A/3,
Taipan 2 Damansara, Ara Damansara
Phone: +6017-770-1121
Hours: 7.00am – 3:00pm







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