Saturday, April 23, 2016

8 Promiscuous Reasons to Date a Dancer

Was talking to lady friends about dancing and why I dance. Somehow things went side ways pretty fast from a very innocent conversation about dance. No matter how I try to keep topics clean, with this few friends of mine, conversations seldom end up clean after 5 minutes. Same goes with this conversation about dance. I could simply sum it up as 'je ne sais quoi' but then, that's too easy a way to cop out. So here's my 8 'promiscuous' reasons to date a dancer. For the more decent one, click here.

  1. Size doesn't matter.
    Size really doesn't matter, when the chemistry is right, everything will fit together nicely. The  most important part of it all is how the lead initiate the move and the partner allow herself to follow. With the right Music in the air, the proper signal given and the two become one, you'll see magic happening. It's chemistry.
  2. We can have multiple partners without feeling guilty.
    Say what you want, only way for us to improve is to not be with one constant.  Want to grow your repertoire of moves? Go with multiple partners, be bold, step up your game and invite more partners to move with you. Only then will you be able to grow, only then will you be able to experiment and figure out what makes your partners tick and  what wouldn't work. After all, practice makes perfect.
  3. We can be both gentle and aggressive and you'll love it.
    Every now and then, we start off a move gently, and at certain breaks, we put in some aggressive moves. Not to say that it's violent, but just enough to raise your heart beat before slowing things down a bit. Yes, we can be quiet a tease. At the end, it's all about giving your all to the partner. Mix things up and you'd be surprise at the result. Best part of it all, different partners react differently, so experiment, learn and expand your horizon.
  4. You won't feel guilty touching yourself in front of spectators.
    There are moments when you'd have your moment to shine. That doesn't mean you'd just stand there and do nothing, let loose, your hands are free, move it. What better time than this to touch yourself, feel sexy and don't worry about people looking at you move. They are enjoying it as much as you do.
  5. Feeling Adventurous? Try more partners at the same time!
    It's something not many of us are still good at. Even I'm still learning to do it properly, but there are times when we want to be adventurous and have more partners at the same time. Start off with the basics if you want to have a go with 2 followers at the same time. If you know some of the key words, you can be even more adventurous and do it with a group of friends! Yup, synchronized through 1 person giving out commands. Easy if you can keep up and it's fun too! To the people watching, it's a fantastic sight!

  6. We can keep going All Night Long!
    Most of us might not have the body of a body builder, heck, we don't even have the stamina of a marathon runner! But when the mood is right, the music is in the air. You'd be surprised that we can keep going all night long...
  7. We know all the right moves...
    At the end of the day, we are not geniuses, we didn't spend a lifetime honing our skills. Heck, I only started learning the moves in my late 20s! But that doesn't mean we can't learn, and through practice, we learn all the right moves to make. After all, we never stop learning, and we learn to understand what makes the partner happy, what makes the partner breathless, what makes the partner wanting more...
  8. We make sure you go home happy and wanting more.
    At the end of the night, you go home weak at the knees, with a silly grin on your face and hair all ruffled up thanks to a long night of gyrating to the Latin beats. You go home wanting more and can't wait for the next time.

So there you have it, the 8 PG18 reasons to date a dancer. What do you think? Comment below and let me know.

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