Friday, April 15, 2016

What happened to the site?

If you're curious about what happened, no, I didn't wipe out my site and decide to get rid of all the blog posts dating back to the year 2000. Unfortunately for me, my server died on me. It has served me well and hard as it was also hosting several client's stuff (Thank God I've migrated theirs to another server while keeping this as the back-up of the back-ups).

Am I sad that the server died and all the stuff I've put up all these years get trashed along with it? No, I do have a back-up of all those blog postings and images. But not sure why, it just wouldn't sync with this new site. If not, everything would have gone up and it felt like nothing happened but when I have messages coming in asking me what happened during that 3 hours until I put this one up. I had a tinge of sadness that it died just like that. But I am also happy because there's actually people who reads my site! And all these time, I thought the only regular reader to my site is me!

Anyway, all is not lost, the back-up will remain as it is, just a zip file sitting in my computer and my server. I'll look at it as a way to say, it's a brand new start, time to pack all the old stuff away and time to start anew. With things going as it is, I think it was also a good time to do that too. I will still write about the food I eat, the food I cook, the places I visit, the dance experience I went through but all will be done in due time. As my work takes up more of my time, updating this site will just be a 'when I've got nothing else to do' situation.

April 14, 2016. It's a brand new day, brand new start. A Reset to the Matrix of and it is time for us to look ahead. The history has been stored. It is time to create new history for the future.

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