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Great laughs and shockers at the Wrestling City Asia in KL
On May 21st, I got invited to attend a Pro Wrestling match by the Wrestling  City Asia,  at first, I asked my friend if she had gotten the sports 'title' right as I didn't know there's such a thing as Pro Wrestling in Asia, my only known information about Pro Wrestling is WWE and TNA from the US of A. But I was rest assured that as I'm into fights, I would definitely enjoy this. Well, when she said it like that, I guess there's no harm in going right?

Sonjay Dutt!

Stepping into the stadium, at first, I started to feel regret, the crowd wasn't there. And the poster of the event looks funny. Yes, I jumped to conclusion before anything even started. Then I bumped into Sonjay Dutt, yup, that name is familiar to most of you, right? At one period of time, he was a regular feature in the TNA circuit and is regularly seen performing his moves on TV.

Masa Takahashi and Cima
 As we got to our ring side seats, all those iconic scenes from WWE start floating into my brain and I start asking around, so where's the announcer's desk that they can smash the wrestlers through? Where are they going to fall onto to brawl in the crowd? I'm sure when you're there, you'd have the same question after being "educated" by the endless hours of Wrestling Matches shown at the local mamak stalls.

 An hour after I got into the Titiwangsa Stadium, the lights went out and the announcer rushed to the stage, putting on the most dramatic voice and moves he can muster, he kicked things off by calling out the first fight of the night. It's an 8-men tag team match between the Team HK All Stars and Team Singapore, event before the guys step onto the stage, we were already laughing our heads off as the whole announcement is racist like mad but plugged in such a way like that's the way it has been for each of the fighters. Team HK won the fight as the biggest fighter in the team pinned the biggest fighter from Team Singapore. The best part of it all is the fighter with the most dramatic entrance from Team HK never even bother to get into the ring! All he did was stood by the side post and watch the enter fight, not even bother to raise a hand or two to cheer the team on. He just stood there like a mannequin.

There was a fight between the 8-men and the SPW Tag Team match but I can't remember the Singaporean fighter's name or the manager. It was just a long drawn out match and the 'Heel' even admitted after the fight that it was too long and he could tell that the crowd got bored and stopped cheering after awhile.

SPW South East Asian Tag Team Championship on the line (they tried to play it like the Bad Company was the one forcing The Omen to put the title on the line in the fight but how is that possible when they already announced it as a championship fight from the start?) as The OMEN beating the Bad Company with some badly choreographed moves. I say badly because the connecting hit and the sound of the hit was off by miles! There are some impressive moves being executed but to hear the hit before the moves even connect with the opponent is just bad. The title belt also look a bit sad too. I've seen some beautiful belts, even carried one too when some of the WWE fighters came to KL and I went to interview them. So there is a certain 'expectation' that I have when it comes to all these 'Championship belts'.

Anton Deryabin and Facade the Ninja got some of the more better choreographed fights going as they really put on a show. Fans was even shouting out the moves they should execute on each other to have more pain (yes, watched enough wrestling matches on TV to know what type of moves to call out). At one point, Anton even paused long enough to tell the spectators that all the hits actually hurts. Facade won it in the end and they try to pull off a "Stone Cold Steve Austin" Beer Bash at the end of the fight. I was waiting for them to play the Steve Austin's theme when that happened but no, guess copyright issues block that from happening.

The MyPW World to Regional Championship Title Defense! That's the one that a lot of people was cheering after as MyPW Champion, Shaukat (yup, Malaysia has a Pro Wrestler, did you know? I sure didn't!) took on Paksa from Thailand in the title defense. It was a better fight compared to the 3 before it. Plenty of beautifully executed moves and the Face (Shaukat) and Heel (Paksa) played their parts beautifully. Doesn't have to guess who won the fight at the end!

Sanjay Dutt  and Eita put on a good show with the former TNA fighter and Eita putting on some of the best choreographed fights. It was fast paced and every move was executed to near perfection despite the fact that Eita only fought as a Professional Wrestler for the short 5 years compared to Sanjay. By the end of the fight, you know both fighters put everything on the line as they were left breathless even though Sanjay tried to address the crowd to show appreciation for the support.

Now, this Hardcore No Holds Barred Match between Lokomotif and the Joker is the one that left us in awe and in unison agreed that it got real really fast. A lot of IKEA chairs and table was sacrificed in this match as Loko really give it to the Joker and vice versa. No matter how much they rehearse the fight, you know it hurts bad when you see how these guys fall on the props. At the end of the fight, Loko won and Joker is left with a bloodied (or was it broken?) nose as the event boys went to help him off stage.

The final fight of the night was the SPW South East Asian Championship - The Statement definitely got everyone booing before he even appeared on stage. He played the role of the Heel to much aplomb while Masa Takahashi and Cima played to the crowd as rival Face. The fight between Masa and Cima has both comedy and action and every now and then, we have one Singaporean jumping in to spoil everything. In the end, the Kiasu guy upset the crowd by pinning Masa Takahashi after he pushed Cima off the stage which was quite clear to see (for me, as I was watching him while the fight was going on to see where he's going to position himself).

All in all, it was a hilarious evening, had a good laugh and watched some good fights. There was no regret going for the fight. Hope they'll grow and gain more popularity as an Asian Pro Wrestling tour like the New Japan Pro Wrestling which is quite popular even outside of the island with some famous wrestlers gracing their fight cards at each event. For more photos, click here.

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