Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Kizomba

Am just penning down my thoughts on the dance based on this article on the Latin Dance Community site. You might or might not agree with what I wrote so if you have additional thoughts on it, do share in the comment below.

1. Kizomba is a Latin dance.

It isn't, even though majority of the Kizomba dancers are also from the Salsa Community. From the start, I was told that it originated from Angola which is African. With the world growing smaller with the advance of technology, there's more gel of music style and language. As the dance grow, we see a good mix of tunes from across the globe. So rather than saying it's a latin dance, let's just say it's a global dance with the origin in Angola.

2. Kizomba comes from tango.

To me, there are a few influence of Argentine Tango in the dance but at the end of the day, just like all form of couple dance. It's just an adaptation to make the dance look nicer. Just like how there's now more and more influence of Zouk in West Coast Swing moves, we get to see Argentine Tango influences in Kizomba. I must say that as I dance tango, it does help me a lot with my hold and adding in of variations but not a lot of the steps from Kizomba, I can't apply into my tango moves.

3. Kizomba is way too sexy to dance socially.

Personally, all dance can look sexy if you want it to look sexy. It's just like Bachata and how everyone say it's too sexy for the Dance floor. Personally, I go with the flow of the music. Some songs, it's just nice to take it slow and not shout through the moves.

4. Kizomba is easy.

All dance is easy after you put in the time and effort to learn and practice. Having learn a few type of dances over the years, what look easy to a seasoned dancer might not be so for a beginner. I still discover a whole new experience of being a beginner whenever I pick up a new dance cause we go into our first lesson not able to utilize the basics we learn from other dance. Every dance has their own unique features. Just go in, learn and practice and always talk to the instructors because they are always there to help you improve your dance.

5. You can’t dance kizomba outside major cities.

Well, it is still true that not many places play Kizomba music for you to dance to but unlike the scene 3 years ago, there are more kizomba dancers now in the Asian region. Quite a number of top instructors from Europe been making their rounds across the region conducting workshops and masterclass and the interest is growing.

These are just some of my thoughts about Kizomba. Agree with what i wrote?

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