Friday, June 10, 2016

Brunch @ Crack Pork

24th June 2016 saw Crack Pork expanding their premise into a full shop. So the bottom post are just add-on to what I already ate at the place. Trying out the other stuff they have on their menu so to say.

I stumbled upon this little restaurant near home thanks to a friend that's also into pork. Since then, it's the go-to place if I'm looking for a quick pork fix. Over the years, they have been very consistent in the quality of the pork. I did a posting previously about this place but that was before my site crashed, so thought it's a good excuse to do another one after all the visits.

The first dish I ordered was 100g of Porchetta, Italian herb roast pork tenderloin wrapped with pork belly. The skin was roasted to perfection, crunchy yet tender. Goes well with the Honey Mustard or Salsa Verde that you can choose with the porchetta.

The next dish I ordered was the Chinese Roast Pork or SiuYuk, beautiful to look at, the layers of crunchy skin, fat and meat melts deliciously together in the mouth like an explosion of meat firework. It's slightly light on the 5-spice and salt too so it is quite good and doesn't leave a salty taste in the mouth.

Updated #1! Yup, I went there to try out some of the other menus on top of what I usually orders. This time, it's the Porchetta in Ciapatta (White Bread), delicious porchetta with greens and salsa verde in a fluffy ciapatta. I left it aside for quite a bit (I was eating the above 2 dishes first) and only ate it towards the end, the bread didn't absorb all the salsa and it doesn't feel soggy. Don't know what sorcery was put into this sandwich but I would have expected the skin of the porchetta to not be crispy anymore but I was wrong! Everything was perfect but I wouldn't advise you to order this if you plan to eat the 100g of Porchetta and SiuYuk before it cause even for me, it was quite filling!

Updated #2! Coming to the new premise, the first thing I saw on their menu is the Oyster Pork Porridge, now, on top of the usual stuff I ordered, I decide to give this a go, just to find out how it taste.  I have to say that it is not a disappointment, I'm not a big fan of rice or porridge but this bowl is pretty sweet! The amount of oysters and pork in it made the porridge delicious with the right amount of sweetness. No additional pepper or soya sauce needed.


SiuYuk Mantau, now all I can say is, WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? It has that Peking style sauce, with some greens and siuyuk in the buns, dropped a point in my taste test cause the roast pork in it is a bit too chunky and just too few of it! (Yes I'm a glutton like that). If you're looking for something light but don't want just a plateful of siuyuk, you should try this.


Updated #3! I know I shouldn't be going there so often but with the weekend, I discover their weekend menu! They had this delicious Pork Shoulder Platter that was just nice, for those who like greens, there's plenty of it, and if you're like me that loves pork with fats, there's plenty of that too! Quite a hot seller too as there was only a bit left when I went to place my order and I was there at 1pm!


All in all, they still maintained a good standard for the roasting which is one of the reasons why I patronizes it more than the other restaurants around my area. I've to also mention that all the reviews I did was because I want to document the food I ate, not because I was paid for it. It is the other way around where I visit the premise, paid for the food and eat them. So sometimes, I do write harsh comments about certain restaurants, not because I'm not paid, but because the food is not nice and I write it the way my palate taste them. (Just thought I'd get it off my chest cause I kept getting comments from friends and readers that I'm so lucky to be able to go eat at all these restaurants for free. I'm not some hot young eye candy that restaurants would want to take loads of photos and flood the social media with.)


59, Jalan PJU 5/21, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

: +6012-207 3994
: (Wednesday - Monday) 11:00 am – 3:30 pm (Closes on Tuesday)







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