Thursday, June 2, 2016

WeBePOP Preview Show @ Laundry Bar
Went to Laundry Bar at The Curve to support my buddies in the music industry as they try to get their WeBePOP project launched. With 4 artists showcasing their talent, the aim is to raise enough WeBITS to get the project unlocked. It's a fantastic idea, similar to crowdfunding like Kickstarter but the best part of it all, supporters don't have to spend a single cent to to support, all they need to do is to support by contributing WeBITS. Anyway, more on that later, let's find out what's WeBePOP is all about.

The project’s purpose is simple: to revive Malaysian English music’s popularity by producing an original English pop compilation album to showcase the talented local music artists, because we believe that our home-grown performers have what it takes to make the next greatest hit. We want to remind the public that the local English music scene is still here and that we have talented local music artists worth listening to.

Got a rough idea about what they are doing? Read more at the WeBePOP Community Page here. Download the app via your google app store or Apple store, start supporting! It is as simple as that, the tip is to get more WeBITS and earning those "WeBe Currency" is simple, just share the project details to your social media channels and be rewarded and you can keep voting after that, up to 5 times a day.

With 10 days to go, it is an uphill challenge but I believe with everyone supporting, Darren and Prashan's aim can be accomplished. It's time to help grow the local english music scene, especially helping the new talents in launching their musical journey with this album.

This will be the first original English pop collaboration album (that’s why we are calling it WEbePOP – as in WE be POP!) that will be produced locally, which features an impressive line-up of our very own local artists . With the help of the webe community, with your pledges and support, their dream album can be brought to life, but more importantly, help our local artists gain the recognition that they deserve.

Darren (WeBePOP Champion) & James the WeBe Head Honcho

For all the supporters, you will get a first chance to download the album for FREE! The album will be available to non-webe members at a price either through digital download or the purchase of CDs. All profits will be divided equally with all recording artists.

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