Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PAS, Selena Gomez & Women's Clothings Fetish

Posted by Pisang Raja, you can read the original text here. The reason I'm sharing it here? Because it's pretty much sums up I have been asking.

Today the dudes at PAS made a fuss about Selena Gomez. Ealier this month, they made a fuss about the evils of cinemas. Previously, they made a big fuss about several concerts by foreign artists. Before that was about Valentine’s Day. PAS’ major concerns have always revolved around women’s clothing, alcohol, women clothing, sex, women’ clothing, etc, etc and women's clothing. And their solutions always seems to be same – ban this and ban that, get women to dress up properly, etc, etc.

I actually have bigger concerns. PAS is no more a small backyard political party. It has run Kelantan for more than 20 years. It ran Terengganu and Kedah for one term each. It has many MPs. PAS is a big fish. As a party that harbours an ambition to run the country, it needs the skills, experience, interest and responsibility in all matters that are of concern to the people of Malaysia - science, trade, finance, banking, sports, education, agriculture, biotechnology, defence, environment, human rights, international law and politics, aviation, etc, etc.

I hope someone from PAS will clarify the party’s position. If I knew the answers, it will help me decide whether or not to convince my friends to vote for PAS next time.

  1. Science. Will PAS continue the teaching of modern mainstream science in our schools? Will it ban the teaching of Darwinian evolution? Will PAS allow the teaching about reproductive health? Will it increase or reduce the amount of time given to science subjects? I am assuming (I could be wrong) that PAS will not allow the teaching of Maths and Science in English because I have never heard senior PAS leaders speak in English.
  2. Internet. Will PAS censor the internet? There are millions of web pages that are not in line with PAS’ so-called “virtues”. BN has not censored the internet (although from time to time some dungu minister will suggest it is time to censor). Will PAS leave the internet alone?
  3. Sports. Will PAS support and promote sports or will it kill it? For example, FINA will not allow swimmers to wear sarong while taking part in the Olympics games. Will PAS bar qualified Muslims from swimming in the Olympic Games? How about bodybuilding and weightlifting? Will PAS allow Malaysians bodybuilders or weightlifters to compete at the world level wearing tiny briefs? (for some reason, PAS has never objected to male bodybuilders wearing tiny briefs). Will PAS encourage sports in our schools?
  4. International trade and finance. What is PAS’ position on international trade?. Malaysia is a trading nation. We are the 17th largest trading nation in the world and we trade with almost all countries in the world. The bulk of our trade is with “infidel” countries. I need to know whether if and when PAS runs the Federal government, this trend will continue? I am asking because I don’t know and because PAS’ has never made its position known about international trade. (they have only made their position about women’s clothing known).
  5. Women. Will PAS uphold the rights and promote the progress of women in Malaysia? One thing the BN government has done reasonably well is the education of girls and women. Women now account for almost 70% of students in our universities. Women now outnumber men in our civil service. Many women are heads of departments or ministries. Women outnumber men in my office (and in all positions). Will PAS allow this trend to continue? I may be somewhat out of touch but I cannot for the monkey in me name a single women leader from PAS.
  6. Segregated schools and colleges. Will PAS permit the Chinese and Tamil schools to continue? How about sekolah berasrama penuh that only cater (well 99%) for Malay students. Will PAS make UiTM take in all Malaysians or will the party choose to maintain the segregation? Sekolah agama are also segregated schools – so can we assume PAS will support segregated schools – segregated either by race or religion. Or will PAS go further by segregating boys and girls in our schools?.
  7. Environment. Will PAS protect our forests, wetlands and wildlife? I specifically ask this because the PAS government in Kelantan has done a really bad job. The rape of Lojing Highlands has continued for more than 20 years. When PAS governed Terengganu, there were no improvements in the conditions at the marine park islands. PAS, while governing Kedah, did not do anything with regards to environmental protection. Azizan actually threatened to log the biological rich Ulu Muda Forests. Nik Aziz once threatened to shoot all the tigers in Kelantan and log Taman Negara. So, can someone from PAS explain its position with regards to our forests, wetlands and wildlife?
There are many other issues. How will PAS tackle to soaring cost of healthcare? How will PAS deal with the rising influence of China and India? How about biotechnology? What is PAS’ position on Dalai Lama? What is PAS’ position on Taiwan viz China? What is PAS’ position on ISIS?

I am asking all these questions simply because I have never heard PAS leaders publicly speak about these things. So, if someone from PAS can explain the party’s position with regards to the above, it will be very helpful to me and I am sure to thousands of Malaysians.

Untill I get an answer, I will just have to assume that PAS is only interested in how women dress.

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