How to renew Malaysian Passport Online

Recently, the Malaysian Immigration department has re-initiate their online Passport renewal service to ease the traffic flow that they encountered at their offices over the last couple of months. Yes, I was one of those guys and girls who lined up from early in the morning just to get my passport renewed. I didn't mind actually as the service in their Jalan Duta (it's in Hartamas, opposite Publika to be more exact) was pretty fast and I got mine done in 2 hours (because I decide to go for a walk rather than wait at the counter).

If you still want to get one done over the counter, head to those departments outside of the city or head to the Jalan Duta office as the lines are constantly moving even when their system is down. A friend went all the way to Lumut and got his done in less than an hour (but then he was back there to visit his family anyway). We can't travel if the passport is less than 6 months to expiry so might as well sort it out before it's too late, rather than to panic at the last minute when you have to travel and realize the passport is expiring or expired.

For those that want to do it online, you can do now by visiting It's pretty straight forward, Before you go into the site to renew, just bring a thumb drive, head to the nearest photo studio/shop and get your passport photo taken, you don't have to print them out but save a digital copy (jpeg) so you can attach that to your application.

Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit. Fee for passport is as follows:
 i. Normal Application 13 -59 years old : RM 200
 ii. Senior Citizen (60 years and above) : RM100

Applicant must present him/herself at the Immigration office for collection of his/her passport. No representative is allowed. Applicant must bring their Identity Card, existing passport and receipt from the online registration. The online renewal process is only for those that is renewing with an existing passport with the microchip, if you are still using the old passport without any chips OR is replacing a stolen/damaged passport, you will still have to walk in and do it the manual way. Also, you have to be present yourself and not asked a representative to collect on your behalf (If you're below 18, go with your guardian/parents).

At present, you can only get the passport from four states and two Urban Transformation Centres (UTC) that is listed in the online application portal. So choose wisely, you wouldn't want to end up traveling to different states just to get a passport when you can collect it down the road. Yup, that's about it, simple, just go into the site, a couple of clicks here and there and you're done. Good luck and Happy Traveling!

PS: Do the online passport renewal only if you're not in a rush to get a new passport, as it was only recently 'relaunched', we are not sure how long it takes for you to get a new passport from the time of application to time of issuing. Better be safe than sorry.


  1. In most of the countries, online passport renewal has become easy and convenient. It saves lot of time and money in visiting the booth and applying for renewal.
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  2. hi. i would like to know if u renew your passport online, does the passport number remains the same as the old one? because i read that they requier us to bring the old passport. so i assume the number would be the same. please enlighten. thank you

    1. Passport number changes when you renew the passport, once you apply online, when you go to the counter to collect your new passport, a new number will be printed on that passport and your old passport number will be blocked on the Immigration's system.

      This is so that users don't abuse the passport and sell it to another party to use as the Malaysian passport is one of the hot commodities in the illegal trade business with the allowance of the M'sian passport holders to access to many countries around the planet.

  3. Do I need to print out the receipt? I don;t have a printer, that's the issue.

    1. Yes, you need to have the receipt printed out as government agencies still require to see a hard copy of the documents rather than just getting flashed with a phone screen.

      You can save your document/pdf into a thumb drive and get it printed at any print shops in most neighbourhood, it's not expensive to print a document out in black&white.

  4. Do you know if I must collect on the stipulated date or I can go on my own convenience? Thanks!

    1. On the date of collection as stipulated or after that... not before. Unless they call and say your passport is ready for collection.




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