Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dinner @ Sushi Zento 膳户 Sunway Giza

This year, since Gabriel's birthday falls on a holiday, I gave him a choice of what to do for the day. From going to a youth event to what to eat for dinner. Restaurant of choice that he decide to bring me for dinner is Sushi Zento 膳户 in Sunway Giza. I think the restaurant has been around for close to a year but we have never stepped into the place. What better time to go check out the restaurant than on our birthday dinner, right?

Space wise, the place is surprisingly big, maybe because of the layout of the tables with the Sushi island right in the middle. It looks to be quite a popular restaurant too with crowd coming in and waiting for a sit even at 8pm. I guess because it's located outside in the open space compared to the 2 other Sushi restaurant that is located on the 1st floor that made it more attractive to passer by.

Got ourselves comfortable and we decide on what to eat for the main course, Grace and Gabriel decide to raid the sushi conveyor. Guess their mom brought them to the place before as they seem to know what is nice to eat and went ahead to pick the dishes for us. Quite a good choice but skipped the salmon sushi even though I was craving for salmon as the display doesn't look that fresh (I've been spoiled by places like Top Catch that serves awesome raw salmon).

Anyway, down to the dishes that was ordered, Grace picked the Kimuchi Ramen, noodles with Roasted Pork Belly, flavored Half Boiled egg and Japanese fish cake in kimchi soup. The spiciness of the soup is quite bearable for my pathetic scoville level. The Pork belly is tender with just the right amount of fats and the portion of noodle is quite big, I was worried that my daughter might have problem finishing it but she pulled through.

Gabriel went for the Nabeyaki Udon, Wheat noodles with Tempura Prawn, Chicken and Egg in Hot Pot. The texture of the udon is soft but the tempura prawn isn't as crunchy as we liked it to be. Portion wise, it's quite big due to the size of the udon but my son had no problem wolfing it down. The soup is nice and clear which is refreshing as some places we go to, you can clearly see the layer of msg floating in the soup.

I had the Buta Kakuni Don, simply because there's the word Buta there which felt funny. It's a nice bowl of Stewed Pork Belly on rice, sadly, it felt quite dry and there is a very strong pork smell on the meat compared to all the pork I've eaten throughout my life.

Not sure if it's the peak hour crowd but the service crew isn't that friendly. We had ice tea to wash the food down and as it's free flow, the waiters are supposed to move around to top up the drinks when the cup was empty, as Grace's dish was quite spicy, she finished her drinks quite fast but despite us waving like lunatics, no waiters came to top up the drinks. For me, when no one wants to serve, and with the jug in grabbing distance, I naturally self serve and pour the drinks for Grace. Only to have a waiter appear out of no where telling us off for touching the jug and mentioned firmly that we are not allowed to touch it and if we need to top up the drinks, we have to ask for the waiters to do it. 

Personally, if the waiter never come around to tell us off for serving ourselves, I wouldn't have walked off with a foul taste in my mouth. But sadly, even though the food are edible, the service just pushed it down the drain.

Sushi Zento 膳户 Sunway Giza

Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel. : +60 3-6158 9961






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