Tuesday, October 18, 2016

P1 AquaX's 1st 2016 series in Asia and it's in Malaysia!

AquaX (pronounced as “Aqua Cross”), the fastest growing personal watercraft championship in the world will host its first ever event in Malaysia on 29 & 30 October at Metropolitan Lake Kepong as the opening weekend of a three-event series.

An out-of-the-box stock racing series designed to bridge the gap between recreational and competitive riding by creating an accessible, low cost and simple format that appeals to all personal watercraft (PWC) users which will help develop the sport of watercraft racing from the ground up.

The inaugural event on 29 & 30 October 2016 at Metropolitan Lake Kepong will be followed by race weekends at D’Island Residence Puchong on 26 & 27 November and the grand finale on 10 & 11 December 2016.

James Durbin, CEO of Powerboat P1 Management Ltd, the London-based owners of the international P1 AquaX brand said “Since the launch of AquaX in the UK in 2011, followed by its expansion in to the USA two years later and Europe earlier this year, we have seen outstanding growth in competitor numbers and the quality of racing. AquaX’s significant broadcast audiences and social media engagement achieved in South East Asia provides a platform for P1’s strategic move in to the Malaysian market and we are confident that we will see the same success here as we have in other regions.”

Shafique Iqbal, CEO of P1 Marine Motorsports (Malaysia), the commercial rights holder of P1 AquaX in Malaysia, added: “There are 30-50 local jet ski racers who travel outside of Malaysia to compete as there is a lack of sanctioned and professionally promoted race events in the country. We believe that the simple, yet challenging format of the P1 AquaX race series, its low cost of entry and global reputation will provide Malaysia with the foremost PWC race series and open up the sport to its 7,000 recreational jet skiers.”

The AquaX race format is divided into 2 categories, Enduro and Sprint, and is further split into Professional and Amateur class based on the riders’ abilities and skills. Both category crafts are classified by the horsepower; 300hp, 250hp, and 200hp.

If you are interested to take part in the race, the registration is still open until the 28th October, so there's still time to get your medicals done, get your competition license (cost RM250) from PESUAM and register for the race. According to the organizer, to compete in all the competition, the participants only need to pay RM1,500. That's 6 days (over 3 weekends) of racing for such a low fee. Just bring your own Jet skis to the lake, get it scrutinized and race! You can also rent the Jet Skis from some of the participating shops but each shops' rental fees are different so I can't give you the fees here. Maybe the shops that read this can place their info at the comment below for interested participants to contact?

Competition Categories

  • ENDURO - Large sit-down crafts with minor modifications allowed depending on class. All classes race together, with accumulated points determining the winner of each class. ENDURO is a test of will and preparation, as the tracks are large and the race lasts for 30 minutes in duration with 3 heats. To win, a competitor needs to be in good physical condition and their equipment needs to be mechanically sound.

  • SPRINT - All about the original stand up Jet Skis. The racecourse is smaller and races are quick, just 10 minutes. The winner needs plenty of speed and agility to come out tops. The SPRINT Spark is a newly spawned class to attract new entry level sit-down PWCs where the race will last for 12 minutes. The SPRINT classes have a total of 4 race heats.

The race heats will be held over 2 days where the rider that scores the most points based on their positioning in each race will be crowned the event champion. Over the series, the points from all 3 rounds will be tallied and the rider with the most points at the end of the series will crowned the 2016 P1 AquaX Malaysia Series Champion during the final event which will be held at D’Island Residences in Puchong on 10 & 11 December 2016.

Having met with the organizers, some of the participants and the marshalls, I've to say that unlike those competitions held at sea, the less volatile and more predictably calmed lakes will test the skills of the riders. After all with less obstacles in the way, it will be the skills of the racers that'll help them win the race. Also, to be racing through the lake while clinging on for dear life will test the strength and endurance of the racers too. Imagine riding a bike while standing and racing on an ever changing surface even though the race course is the same, it's not easy.

One other important thing that I found out, spectators can watch for FREE! Yup, the race weekend is open to public but like all motorized sports, when you watch the races, please stay within the designated spectators areas. Can't wait for the race weekends and cheer these racers on in their respective heats, time to show the world what Malaysian Jet Ski racers are made of.

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