Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ending an 8 year relationship - Putting a closure on things.

The inevitable finally happened. Before it gets out of hand, I know the best thing to do is to come clean and put it out in the open. Yes, you can judge me, I won't blame you for it. But after 8 long years without much progress moving forward, I had to take the path that I've been dreaded. I AM DONE!  😡😡😡

Yes, I've been in an 8 year relationship that started even before I came back from Singapore. No one knew about it, not even my parents, as we agreed that it is best kept private. I'm sorry to those that worried about me.  😢

Before you assume anything, it's better for me to just clarify the situation. Better hear from the horse's mouth than through the gossip mill. Right?

Today. we have come to an agreement to go our separate way, it's tough to end this relationship, but the distance and the financial burden with me also having 2 children and aging parents of my own to care, it does get taxing with all the traveling and late nights involved.🙏

To avoid any further drama and gossips, I'll just inform u guys with the truth of what really happened. It's been awhile since I've felt good about this relationship even though It has been wonderful and amazing! There's just too many red flags that I didn't want to see. I won't deny that I fell deeply in love, completely head over heels. But looking back, there's also many negativity that comes with this relationship. Maybe I was blinded from all the time we spend together but having been apart for the past few months, I came to realize that it's not really worth it. We had our usual relationship talk and both agreedd to it. 💔

Of course with this being the era of the Social Media, it will eventually get out into the open, so, with heavy heart, I've made a decision to say good bye and move on, take the unchartered path into a life away from this relationship. No doubt we will eventually see one another every now and then, we have too many mutual friends. But I can't deny that when it's time to move on, it's time to move on. It breaks my heart to do this but I have to.  💔

I will be ending my relationship with Guinness, Carlsberg, Tiger, Heineken, Kilkenny, Kronenbourg & Hoegaarden from today. It is time for me to move on, focus on things that's better for my life.

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