Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Sir Martin Sorrell lays out 4 lessons for marketers to succeed in a new era of advertising

Sir Martin Sorrell needs no introduction. The founder of WPP plc, Sorrell notes that while he was with the advertising and PR firm, India was its “crown jewel.” After 30 years at WPP, Sorrell established a new digital advertising and marketing services company, S4 Capital, where he’s still captivated by the people, culture, and tremendous opportunity for growth in India.

1) Go where the growth is

2) Embrace first-party data while giving users choice and control

3) Focus on agility, quality, and efficiency

4) Get all teams within the organization to communicate

“It’s clear to me that understanding the role of data and programmatic, and how that fashions highly personalized content at scale, is going to determine the future of marketing.” — Sorrell

Read in greater detail about his sharing here.

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